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Souldoll Lee Jun Ki ?!

Dec 13, 2007

    1. So, who can tell me about this?

      I'm honestly curious. And do you think he looks like Zii or Jin Woo. And possibly if this explains why they were only available for a short while. I think the similarity brings some things into question.

      I could be wrong. Either way, mmm Jun Ki....

    2. I don't think the mold looks like either, but it's definitely the same semi-realistic Asian looking style. ::tries not to look for him to be for sale::
    3. :o OMG From the second picture he does look like the actor.

      Lee Jun Ki is a korean actor. He's :aheartbea
    4. i cant see him on the website;___; i love souldoll's this korean style dolls><
    5. I reeeeallly love the turn souldoll is taking. It's freakin' hawt.
    6. But... from where you have got those pictures? O_O Is Souldoll releasing a new boy?? I hate that they remove the limited dolls from the website -.-'' Or maybe it is only a Zii customization... (I am in love with my Zii omg...)

      Hiritai I agree with you, the new Souldoll style is great *__*

      Edit: ok I have seen him, he is on the korean Souldoll site! Still without a price so he is not released yet... OMG *__* I hope the international website will release him too... WANT *__*
    7. I appears he's in a new category of Soul-STAR....but Souldoll has baffled me yet again. There's no mention of the double-jointed body (unless it's in the news, as I can't real Korean, just look at pictures)
    8. i will definetly have to keep an eye on souldoll. this new mold is very hawt, and the are getting rid of a lot of dolls; i hope they continue this trend.
    9. Souldoll has me baffled too, on the korean site they still have Celestyn's head for sale. If i could read korean i would buy one as im wanting a second head.

      That new fella is definatly good looking.
    10. Lee Jun Ki starred in 'The King and the Clown', the Korean 'Brokeback Mountain', only with the royal court and its jesters and not the cowboys. He was the pretty one, obviously. The doll is a very good likeness.

    11. It seems like this doll is an actual Souldoll collab with the actor, made in his likeness, as Lee Jun Ki's talent agency is listed on the photo of the doll (Mentor Entertainment) making it seem like they collabed to make a doll of him, hence its using his name and looks alot like him.
    12. yeah, i thought the same thing too; its very original though for them to take the Minimee plunge. maybe we will start seeing more gorgeous actors made into dolls:drool
    13. Just checked right now, the Korean site says that the doll was indeed officially licensed by LJK's agency. Japanese sales start mid-late December and Korean sale dates are to be confirmed. There is no mention of international sales whatsoever (yet).
    14. i am really excited about this doll! i hope he isnt limited as well tho :(
    15. The lack of an announcement for international sale is worrying. Maybe they think there's no market for him? That would be sad.

      I think plenty of people know about him and would want to buy his doll likeness. :/
    16. It looks like they are dividing their market, which is....an odd business practice to say the least. I'm sure people in Korea would like the double jointed body, and people out of Asia are DEFINITELY drooling over Lee Jun Ki.
    17. WOAH! He looks a lot like the actor! :D Aw, I wish I could afford him!(if he was for international sale) I would dress him up as his character from The King and The Clown(freaking sad movie T.T) Kyaaa...I must stop blabbering! But he's too cute >.<
    18. OMG ITS LEE JUN KI!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW IS HE GOING UP FOR SALE????????? OMG gahhh hes sooooo gorgeous and looks just like him omg!!!
      OMG if he comes up for sale I dont know what to do!!!! So does this mean their going to come out with a new line of korean super stars?? OMG If they did I would just die!!!!
    19. I want him..already...hope he will come in International...or I'll die...