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Souldoll Limited Suntan Hye: Spear of Dark Mist Valley discussion

Aug 1, 2007

    1. Her clothes are incredible, that is for sure. I'm not shopping for a girl doll but she is rather stunning to look at. I hope someone here gets one for more picture spam :3
    2. I cant find the thread
    3. Nice color and makeup and the outfit is great too, but the price just made me wake up to reality tho.
    4. Holy...*slams head*
      Why oh why to companies insist on bringing out dollies after I have ordered another :doh!

      She is beautiful :D
      Not so sure about the gems, or the purple, its sorta growing on me then again I can't think what colour scheme would go and I love her skin colour, Reminds me a hell of a lot of Fran fromf FF12, probably the hair, and man that is nice hair, nice outfit too........^_______^...Money should fall from the sky T_T...

      Definatly reminds me of a warrior type so the concepts perfect. And the thing I love about Hye's is they don't have the typical female typecast egg shaped face. ^_^
      What a Price tag! Woah ..............well even if I did have the money jesus, I'd have a hard time explaing a purchase like that!
    5. Hmm. Her outfit is wonderful. :D

      But I don't like her face. I think the regular Hye is gorgeous, but I think its how they put shadowing under her eyes.

      But the fact that all her sexy double joints are tan. Mmmhhhmm. Maybe a Suntan OSU?
    6. I'm kind of liking her...the price though makes one hesitate a wee bit...
    7. She is gorgeous, I can't stop staring at her outfit! Love the face up, and color scheme.
      I agree with PepperLooney, when I first saw her I thought about Fran (FFXII) minus
      rabbit ears. XP

      - Enzyme ^___^
    8. she reminds me somehow of black ducan
    9. Great face on her. Souldoll is pretty spectacular.
    10. Yeah, she is also reminded me of Black Ducan. ^^'
      I really like her wig and outfits. But, she's overpriced. :(
    11. Woooooooow. Not too hot about her faceup, but the overall aura? I liiiiiike.
    12. I hated her faceup the first time I saw her, but she's rather quickly growing on me. Not sure about those jewels though O_o

      but I'm broke, so, boo T_T I'd love to have her though~
    13. edit: Nevermind my dumb question, I read something incorrectly...

      Anyway, I LOVE this doll. :D
    14. Don't like the faceup, do like the idea of tan Hye. : D Thirdin' the Fran-esque qualities.
    15. Love the outfit she has on. If I wasn't so over budget I would look into splitting with someone.

    16. I want her outfit for Fran!!!
      I had some troubles getting Fran's actual outfit and she needs something to wear T.T!!! If anyone wants to split with me, I want the outfit!!
    17. She reminded me of FFXII's Fran XD
    18. LOL Weslie!! I thought of Fran immediately after seeing her XD

      I hope you can get the outfit! And that it fits o_O;;

      Good luck! :D
    19. Thanks a ton!!!
      I really hope i can get the outfit too!!!