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Souldoll Limpid Resin Issues.... :( (Letter from Souldoll)

Feb 24, 2005

    1. I got an e-mail today from Souldoll. :(

      "This mail is hearty apology and writing that ask understanding that
      send to customer who ordered Lune and Paris(L.U).
      Limpid urethan that make at our company is high-quality product that
      import in France.
      We should send out doll because is imported in the Korea in mid-February
      But, inflation and situation that miss income date of unit cost more
      than 3 times happened suddenly in France's Urethan manufacturing company.
      We departed from a country to meet France's Urethan manufacture head
      office person in charge end, last weekend while person in charge liaises
      by e-mail and FAX at our company.
      If speak result, Urethan was available import as the South Korea again.
      But, unit cost rose more than 3 times than existent price, and I could
      send out doll after about 20 ~ 30 day.
      We suffered a lot of damages because of sudden change item of the
      France company, and confused .
      But, it is customer who have waited that we think as is really sorry.
      We apology heartily point that date that receive doll by this
      circumstance is delayed much and point that do not cope more rapidly.
      We will take all responsibilitys that our company happens to this problem.
      Lower part is the best method that we can present for solution of

      * Customer who ordered now O.L are sending out doll normally.
      O.L that we use is low stage than L.U, but it is good product.
      We will do so if want that change to O.U.
      And difference 30$ will pay back immediately.
      Also is hard as wait for a long time or customer who condition is
      will do total amount Refund if want.
      Of course, it is possible that wait L.U.
      And we who change to O.U that select L.U to sell new product shoes that
      customer receive by gift of mind desire .

      New shoes image in the shopping mall raise be going to Saturday ~ Friday.
      We apology heartily giving customer anxiety to this problem again.
      Our company promises that this mistake is not again forward,
      and we ask customers understanding heartily.
      We ask contact after receive this mail.

      I ordered a L.U. Paris. :( I'm really bummed because I'm not sure what I should choose to do.

    2. Ouch. They got burned by the price increase on the resin, and they're trying to get people who ordered the Limpid to switch to Opaque. Even offering a free pair of shoes and everything. It sounds like only the Limpid resin price went up...

      Well, if you're willing to wait for an extra 3 weeks or so, and aren't really craving a free pair of shoes, I'd say stick with it. SoulDoll is showing real customer service here, not increasing the cost of already ordered Limpid dolls to pay for the cost of resin.
    3. Wah! I was planning to order a Paris soon! I don't even want to think about the price jump....I suppose I could go with O.L. but I was wanting a L.U. :cry: This week keeps getting worse....

      Thank you for sharing this though, and for your situation I would Kiyakotari said. If you don't mind the wait stay with the L.U...I hope everything works out for you.
    4. iv heard nothing but good things about souldoll they are really out there to make sure the customer is happy. im sure theyll have you very taken care of what ever you choose.

      i hope by the time i get ready to order mine theyll have there stuff worked out.
    5. I agree, it seems like they are doing their utmost best to try to do the most they can for you. I'm sorry that you're in this situation though, I'm with you, I'd prefer the limpid skin? but I'm sur ethe other is lovely too.
    6. Aww, that's too bad. But everyone's right, Souldoll is really being nice about this, I wonder how many people ordered LU Paris and Lune....

      Souldoll's so nice. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    7. Mm... I know they're taking care of it, and that's good: it's the professional thing to do. I was posting it originally because I wasn't sure if other people knew. :)
    8. That's disheartening...I was planning to order the limpd, and it's not even listed on their site anymore.

      Thank you for posting and alerting us of the problem. I hope Paris and Lune come soon - whichever option you chose ^^;