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Souldoll "Limpid" Resin Problem

Feb 23, 2005

    1. I just got this in my inbox today. o.o;;


      This mail is hearty apology and writing that ask understanding that
      send to customer who ordered Lune and Paris(L.U).

      Limpid urethan that make at our company is high-quality product that
      import in France.
      We should send out doll because is imported in the Korea in mid-February
      But, inflation and situation that miss income date of unit cost more
      than 3 times happened suddenly in France's Urethan manufacturing company.
      We departed from a country to meet France's Urethan manufacture head
      office person in charge end, last weekend while person in charge liaises
      by e-mail and FAX at our company.
      If speak result, Urethan was available import as the South Korea again.
      But, unit cost rose more than 3 times than existent price, and I could
      send out doll after about 20 ~ 30 day.
      We suffered a lot of damages because of sudden change item of the
      France company, and confused .
      But, it is customer who have waited that we think as is really sorry.

      We apology heartily point that date that receive doll by this
      circumstance is delayed much and point that do not cope more rapidly.

      We will take all responsibilitys that our company happens to this problem.

      Lower part is the best method that we can present for solution of

      * Customer who ordered now O.L are sending out doll normally.
      O.L that we use is low stage than L.U, but it is good product.
      We will do so if want that change to O.U.
      And difference 30$ will pay back immediately.
      Also is hard as wait for a long time or customer who condition is
      will do total amount Refund if want.
      Of course, it is possible that wait L.U.
      And we who change to O.U that select L.U to sell new product shoes that
      customer receive by gift of mind desire .

      New shoes image in the shopping mall raise be going to Saturday ~ Friday.

      We apology heartily giving customer anxiety to this problem again.
      Our company promises that this mistake is not again forward,
      and we ask customers understanding heartily.

      We ask contact after receive this mail.

      Your ball-jointed doll as dreaming a soul


      I ordered a L.U. Paris, that I was planning on selling anyway. I guess this means that I can just go ahead and ask for a refund, since it'll probably be a while before they can ship him, if he's even made yet?
    2. The same thing has happened to my deal, Miss Sha. The other girl and I were jointly buying an LU Paris but she received the same email from Souldoll :(

      I've asked if we can go for a refund as I've been going mad trying to work out what to do with a lone Paris head.

      Let's hope they can sort the supplier/resin problem somewhere down the line, then we can all have another bite at the cherry!

      But it is good as you can get a refund and buy you-know-who hem hem^^ :D
    3. Er.... Is Souldoll still gonna keep selling Limpid skin Paris? I'm confused here. :oops:
    4. ooooooooooh! sorry about the multiple postings :blush
    5. Glass_Mountain, I asked about getting a refund on the Paris I ordered. If it goes through and I have the money back, I just know I'm going to be more impatient that ever to see the new Bermanns. ::crosses fingers:: xD;
    6. Cool! I've sorted my thing out (well sort of! LOL). In the end Summer decided to go ahead with trying to get Paris...so she refunded me for the head, which was really nice of her.

      I get the impression that Souldoll WILL be making and supplying the LU Paris but it looks like there will be a 28-30 day delay (if I read them right).
    7. ... wow, now I'm really glad I ordered my Paris in Opaque. <3
      (I hope this means he's getting shipped out soon.... ;_; )

      Sorry to hear about this for those of you have been waiting for the Limpid version, though....

      I wonder why there isn't anything on the site about it?
    8. This is actually very intriguing information on their resin. XD

      Bad for the people who ordered the OL, but Souldoll always works with their buyers if there's a problem. So it'll work out!

    9. I wonder if they'll raise the price of limpid skin, since they say several times that it cost them three times as much as they thought???
    10. I sent email to Souldoll asking this very question. I can't imagine they'll be able to retain the current price point for future limpid skin dolls...moreover, I'm rather worried that I will be charged additional $ for the limpid-skin Paris I ordered. I don't have that many clams free, much as I love that translucent resin.

      I'll post the reply when I receive it.

    11. It sounded like they were unhappy about the raised prices but would probably just pay for it themselves for this order... I'd think you're safe, since you ordered. But I'd imagine that future orders would either go up in price--or they'll need to find a better source. I don't know, though--just guessing!
    12. Argh... :x

      I hope that they don't raise the price too much, I've been saving up to buy Paris.
    13. This notice has appeared on the Souldoll website:

      It sounds like they have decided to stop offering the luminous resin for the time being, except for limited edition dolls...?

      But talk about customer service, guys: I got email from them saying they would deliver my luminous Paris after a delay. SO kind of them considering the loss they are going to take on my doll. All I can say is that they now have a customer for life...

      GJ: Oh Caro, you want a nice suit? Pinstripes? Maybe something blue?

      Caro: uh...<coughs> is this thing on? <clears throat> No, no, I don't want a suit. I *have* a suit. I have two suits.

      GJ: The grey flannel samurai--working-class Yojimbo, eh?--and Blue Wind, right? *Musts* for summer warfare in the feudal-magical period. I'm sure Souldoll will go on to torture us with marvelous clothes. A navy blue wool suit might be interesting.

      Caro: <mumble mumble> suit fetish.

      OKAY then, enough on that topic...

    14. You should also consider the Wonderful 3-piece western suits that souldoll offers--I have one with the topcoat.

      My word, the outfit is beyond compare.

      Working pockets everywhere except the back pants pocket--but front pants pockets, two outside & one inside the coat, two outside & one inside for the overcoat.

      Everything is fully lined.

      Fabric most thin & fine & lovely.

      And it looks darned good.

      Much better than anything for me. ;)

      Ann in CT