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Souldoll 'Lune' of special color that is raised to ebay.

Jan 15, 2005

    1. Ccapital! :o

    2. *Gibber. Weep.*

      That outfit... And wings! Feathery wings! *Cry* Ohmigods I have such a wing fetish...
    3. Wow, that is gorgeous.

      And I've been drooling over basic Lune at the site already.
      (towel over keyboard; it's the only way it's survived)

      The shoulder wings are an interesting concept.
      Beautifully executed, too, but that's pretty much a given . . . .

      Thank heavens I'm allergic to feathers.

      Ann in CT
    4. :o I mustresist......(looks at bank statement)..... :crushed
    5. I love the outfit :D I like the body also :lol:
    6. He's SO gorgeous. I'd be in big trouble if he was BW. ^^;

      Is it just me, or is he more smiley than the regular Lune?
    7. Omg he is so cute ;_; *looks at bank and its lowly.... 3.44* >_>; *sighs*
    8. The outfit isn't that big a deal to me, but the skintone! I think that's a deeper color than their "regular" tone, isn't it? :D Man, if they issue the new boy body in that color as a regular item, I am SO sold.
    9. Aparently they are only making three in that tone.. >.>;
    10. :o Every time I see a new boy I want him!!! Noooo!!
    11. **dies** Oh my god. The skin tone..... **drool** I wonder if it would match the Volks normal tone better than the regular SoulDoll skintone does....
    12. If I were to get one of these 'special color' releases, would anyone be intrested in going in on it with me? I'm pretty sure the skin tone would be closer to the Volks Normal Pureskin than the regular SoulDoll skin would be, and I REALLY want a SoulDoll boy body for the School A boy I'm going to get, but I'm not too fond of the outfits, and the heads are cool, but not my style. I know a lot of people loved Lune's and Paris's head molds, but didn't like the new bodies, and hoped to put them onto Volks bodies, so the skintone matching would be better for them, too....

      Just checking....I read on here that they'll be releasing two more Lune in this special skin tone, so I know there's still some time. And they might do Paris, too - who knows? I think I'll go ask about that one....
    13. Okay, someone's already interested in the outfit....so, does anyone like the head? I know there were people who were considering buying a Lune just for his head, and then blushing it to be similar to the Volks skin tone.... **poke poke**
    14. I don't know about the rest of you, I'd want to know how well that skin tone matches to the Volks skin tones before splitting up the parts.

      Besides, there are some people who may want to get the whole doll... I, for one, am going to bid because I want all of him. Because I wanted a knight lune but Souldoll put me off because of their body transitions, I really love this guy.
    15. That outfit is badass. I want that shoulder piece, whether it would fit my girls or not!

      And can I just point out that the fact that the "anarchy" symbol is coming back is really weird. I haven't seen an "anarchy" symbol since 1989 when I was scrawling them next to Megadeth logos on my jeans!
    16. I know what you mean about the skin tone - I actually just asked SoulDoll that question, so I'm hoping for a reply. And don't worry - we'd already decided that if someone here on DoA wanted to go for the whole doll, we wouldn't bid them up. I for one am perfectly willing to wait and see the other two 'tan skin' releases.
    17. He's impressive. The sculpt, the resin, the expression on his face, and the outfit, wow. People from Souldoll, if you're reading this, you have really done a wonderful job. I'm impressed.

    18. I asked SoulDoll, and they said that Paris will not be released as a limited in this skin tone - only Lune. **sigh** Oh well. If they'd released Paris, I might have considered getting the whole doll - he's pretty. Of course, so is Lune....
    19. You talked to SoulDoll about Paris?


      You mean, they actually talk to people too? XD? Well, if you talked to them, then I guess they must. ^^.

      They said that they wouldn't be releasing Paris in *that* skin tone, right? But does that mean they'll be re-releasing him in *any* skin tone or *at all* in the future? Does it? Did you ask? Could you ask? (I'm shy ^^;;.) *really wants to get Paris' head, but hates the body....it's all....lumpy...:/....*


      It'd be neat to have a vampire Paris....with milky white skin....XD....somebody should tell them to make one. XD....
    20. Eer, that was me. Stupid window must've automatically logged me out. XD Sorry.