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Souldoll MARVIN Discussion Thread

Jul 11, 2006

    1. Well hell's bells :vein Why on earth is everyone coming out with dolls I just don't want to live without!!! :...( Evil, evil doll companies!
    2. This thread is for Souldoll's new boy "Marvin" ^_^

      News thread: HERE
      Souldoll Marvin: HERE

    3. I was just on SD website, how come I didn't see him? lol

      Wow, what a cute boy! Something about the lips is throwing me off, though; I think it's the faceup ^^; I love his mold, though, so cute!
    4. Should've come here in the first place to comment *knocks self on head* Duhh...

      He's so adorable, and the smoky eyes are amazing! But the makeup on the lips o_O The deep line in the center is just throwing his lips off for me ;_; He looks so gorgeous, too....
    5. His face shape is very nice... I don't care too much for the faceup though *still loves Asiter more* :D
    6. For some weird reason he reminds me of Lishe. He's gorgeous.
    7. another lovely SoulDoll boy <3
    8. he kinda looks like a big version of Soul Little Kimmy. :3
    9. I really like him, except for the lips. They just don't seem to fit him, for some reason...
    10. He's nice.
      He could make a good girl as well. I like dolls you can swap the sex of lol.
    11. I agree with jacobean! He would make such a pretty girl... I wonder if you can do that with Souldolls? His eyes are what kill me; they're just so pretty! He makes a nice boy too, though, of course!
    12. I loooove the way they painted his eyes!!Hate the mouth though...hate it a lot.It totally disguises the lip shape.He kind of looks like Miryu crossed with Kimmy to me painted to have a more intense gaze rather than looking wistful.This is the first Souldoll in loooong time that Ive liked and the others Ive fallen out of love with.I cant wait to see owner pics of him!!That way maybe we'll be able to see the mouth shape.
    13. I agree with my sis( aoyuki) His eyes are gorgeous! Just what I needed...another doll on my list...
    14. He looks like a sultry goth boy...mmm.
    15. He's adorable, but to me screams out to be a girl.
    16. He's a beautiful doll! :D

      Reminds me quite a bit of School Head C, cute little nose, full lips, round jaw, wide set eyes and all. Anything that reminds me of Grey, I will love.
    17. *snerk* i think he looks like britney spears XD *ducks tomatoes*
    18. ^ LOL

      I love his eyes! So striking.... *__*
    19. I agree with idrisfynn said. ^^
      He has a very School C feel to him. Sadly this also makes me second guess the spacing of the eyes everytime I look (because they're so wide that the need a large space in between them. Which is one of my turn-offs with School C).

      But he has a nice sultry look too. Mmmn.
    20. He... looks like a kid Elvis to me! *_* ;)