New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: Milky Way&Finley (Steam Punk ver.&Casual ver.)

Jun 21, 2019

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.
      We are happy to inform you that the sales of new Kids girls Milky Way & Finley begins on June 24.
      They are released in steampunk and casual versions and all images are updated.
      We hope your big support.
      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
      Have a good one! :)

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    2. Will there be any other releases of these dolls in different resin colors or just normal and white. Would love to see some more fantasy colors!
    3. Thank you for your interest in new dolls.
      We are going to sell these dolls in old white/ new white / normal skin during summer event.
      We will positively consider to sell them in special color after the end of summer event. Thank you. :)
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    4. Hello, they both are stunning ans the steampunk body :love
      Are they limited dolls ?
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    5. Hello, what skin tone does casual version Milky Way have in the photos above? She is lovely! Thank you.

      Nevermind, I see that is Normal, on your site.
    6. Thank you for your support. She is not
      Thank you for your support. These dolls are not limited but the sales can be stopped without notice if there are too many orders.
      Thank you so much. :)