SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. I don't have any photos but it sounds like Souldoll will not fit a Myou body; the neck is too thick. I don't know what it looks like so I am not sure if it's something you can mod and still have look and function good.
    2. Just going based in the measurements I think they will fit but may need some modding. The new Myou bodies has 6.8cm necks which is the same as the NL body.

      I'm more worried about if I'll need to dye the body or head to match each other.
    3. I sold someone a Juno head and they had the v2 body and it didn't fit, so I'm not sure if it's a measurement problem (perhaps slightly off measurements?) or if it's a shape issue. Modding will probably help but I can't say for sure. If you are successful with it, I'd love to know since I considered it for my Clodia head.
    4. Myou just came out with a v2 boy body and a v3 girl body that has the smaller necks. I definitely plan on getting the boy body since my Souldoll Aehael will be male and will post an update on here.
    5. I can compare my Yeon Soo and my MYOU girl on the V1 body. I'm... actually shocked at how beautifully that fits. There's one angle that looks a little bit strange, pictured.


      That's with her head tilted as far right as it'll go. The neck looks a little strange under her ear. Most wigs would camouflage this, I suspect.

      The resin match (MYOU normal and Souldoll normal, both a year or two old) is terrible -- MYOU's normal has no pink tones at all. I can't photograph these two dolls side by side without color correcting the snot out of my MYOU girl. I'd like to see Souldoll's normal compared to MYOU's pink skin. That might be a better fit.
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    6. Don't the v1 and v2 have pretty much the same neck size? I wonder if maybe it was a variation between Juno and Yeonsoo's sculpting then, maybe...? That's interesting, though!
      I was considering a big bust v2 girl body for my Clodia, so maybe that's still on the table... Who knows.
    7. I decided to wait actually hoping they would do a fantasy color but they only release sandy brown and grey. My aehael centaur is in sandy brown/purple horse body, so I didn't want to get another sandy brown doll I guess I might have to settle for grey, almost wish I would have gone ahead and purchased Moa in white or normal. I guess she could probably look nice in grey, or maybe I don't need to buy her..kinda afraid to wait until the last minute to decide though have done that in the past and missed out on a few of their dolls namely Juno elf eared version, I really loved her transluscent horns, would have been a great head to put on a faun body.
    8. I’m trying to decide myself between sandy brown or grey!! I’m leaning more towards the grey actually even though sandy brown is what I wanted originally. If you aren’t truly interested in either sandy brown or grey color, I think she has one more month to preorder after this one in normal or white? I believe Souldoll said they would do it three times, once in “fantasy/other colors” and twice in usual colors? And if you regret that, there is always dyeing!
    9. Thanks, this helps a lot! I'm waiting to get the body until after I receive the Aehael head so I may just get the Myou body in normal pink or white then dye to match.
    10. hmm I might have to send them a message to confirm that, have a few weeks to decide for sure,
    11. Um... halp? I unstrung a Soulkid boy NL body and now I can't put it back together again :(

      The guide says to use one bit of string per leg, to pull through the strange extra hole in the middle and presumably attach to the head... but if I do that, the suggested length of 22 cm is nowhere near enough.

      Someone also mentioned cutting the leg string in half, but I don't know what they mean by that, and I definitely have 3 pieces of string. Or actually 2 now, because stringing the arms/torso finally worked. Any good ideas?
    12. I am thinking about getting a gray Devonia or Kyron to be some kind of dark elf but I’m not sure which I would get. I would probably rather have the girl body which makes me think Devonia but maybe this is my opportunity to get a 1/4 boy that actually looks good. I think I like the Kyron head a little better than Devonia too, but it’s close because they are both really pretty.
    13. I know the struggle, when they first were released I had a hard time deciding so I got I really wish I had spent the extra though for the faceups instead of the clothing set but I wanted the wings, my two are still without faceups :(

      FYI for those that are planning on getting the Moa/Aehael they will not be releasing a third round on them or another round on the limited that are in sandy/grey. I'm glad I asked because I was trying to decide if I wanted Moa or not..I got the Junia animal body version and am on the fence about getting another animal body doll as its pretty much the same hooves. I have less than 2 weeks to decide..eek.
    14. Thanks for the info @Kitty Blue Really good to know! A bit disappointing to hear. I was really hoping to see Moa in a fantasy colour.
      *sigh* Hopefully I will love the next sculpt they come up with just as much.
    15. Me too, she would have been really cute in a fantasy color. Which is why I wish they would just release in each color in the first go, or at least do the fantasy/other colors first.
    16. Or even just tell us what's coming :lol:
    17. I had hoped they'd do Kyron in blue or purple again. Grey and sandy brown are pretty colors, but I dunno.
      Kyron was a limited one who's release I regretted not being able to join in, but ...
      I strongly blame @Reinameron and her damn handsome Sirius for making me want Kyron in purple or blue (the one they had in the Vito Paw release) only.
      So. Still on the fence wether or not I'll get him. I'm usually an all or nothing girl (and already was like 'if I can't get him in the color I want him, I'm not getting him), but ugh... Kyron...
      (I am also considering getting him as a girl, but yeah... we'll see ^^°)

      That said, I do have something to distract me from mental despair XD
      I got myself a Joelle head from the discontinue event (among others ^^)° and today I got two items, that were the final kick to finalize my plans for him.
      I proudly present my soon-to-be 'The Black Knight' ^^
      He's a white Joelle head on a Dream Valley body, that I slightly shortened the neck off, to make it look right.
      Sword and shield are from different Fairyland events (and the key items to bring this character to life).
      [​IMG]Souldoll Joelle / Dream Valley hybrid warrior in progress by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr
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    18. Oh my God! What an awesome boy!

      I hope to make pic of my soulkids soon : Kyron, Devonia on spider body, Joelle D, Aehael, Junia and souloid Phiel android. Junia is waiting for her body and Devoina for faceup))
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    19. I was really surprised to see they brought Kyron back because Souldoll hasn't been all that keen on re-releasing past limited dolls. I had Kyron briefly from the original release in the "Violet Gray" resin but I was disappointed with the colour in real life... I was expecting a gray colour with a hint of violet in it, but what I got was a bright lilac which didn't work for my plans at all. Eventually I grew tired of him looking appropriate for his character only in photos (because I always edited his skin colour in photoshop) and sold the doll. But I've been sad about it because he had such handsome manly features and those lovely long ears. ;__;

      And now suddenly there's a chance to buy Kyron in actual Gray skin! :D I'm just not sure if I can afford to order him because my dolly budget is reserved for other dolls... and I already re-shelled his sisters in 60cm scale. :sweat But I went back to look at my old photos of him and I keep thinking how nice it would be to have him again and for him to be Gray in real life, too, and not just in photos....

      Here's one of my edits to give an idea how Kyron would look in Gray skin:
      Thatkfully I never sold any of his things (except for the wig) so it would be relatively easy to recreate him. :aheartbea Decisions, decisions...
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