SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. @Snowy Joelle looks really good on that body! Congrats!
      I'm an all or nothing person too, but it's really tricky when they're right there in front of you hey?

      @Reinameron It was your Aehael that got me obsessed with the sculpt. Would love to see more of her!

      @Mizya that is an amazing picture! Just wow! Tough choice indeed.
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    2. @xyuemoto thank you :D I hope I can pull of my black knight plan ^^

      @Reinameron OoO Says the one with the handsome Kyron!
      Yes!!!! Group pic! I wanna see! That collection sounds like they'll make quite the crew :D
      (Also, knowing your Kyron, I'm curious to see if I've seen your Souloid before)

      @Mizya O.O oh... my... I might have half-confused Reinameron's Kyron with yours.
      Damn. Now I want one again, when this morning I was sure I was going to pass on him cause I loved his beautiful purple.

      That pic is increeeeeeeeedible beautiful and stylish. Might I ask where his wings are from? o///o

      ... Looking at that pic I think you totally need your grey Kyron now, if you have the chance...

      @eland Thank you ^^
      I miiiiiiiiiight change the idea I had for a purple Kyron and go for a different idea in grey skin....
    3. HOLY COW WHAT A GORGEOUS PHOTO :aeyepop: It's pictures like yours that got me into this hobby, haha. :XD:I recently received a doll that I'd ordered in the darkest tan offered by the company, but he came in what's really a pretty light tan that looks way different from the company's photo. :pout: I've already checked, that is indeed their darkest tan, for some reason it just looks darker in their photos than it does in reality. I'm not sure what to do, I mean I'd have to do what you did - always edit him in photos to get him to look right - and I'm not excited about that either. I'd totally sell him or trade him if there was a darker version of him available, but there isn't, and the artist has supposedly discontinued his sculpt, so... I guess I'm pretty sol.

      Anyway, sorry to sidetrack. XD If this helps any, BJDivas is a dealer for Soul Doll and they offer super long layaways (12 months afaik), maybe they can help you bring him home again?
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    4. As promised)) My Soulkids :)
      I have to paint Devonia and Phiel and create eyes for them...)
      And Junia is waiting for hooves)

      Kyron from first taro release, Aehael from first fairy story release on Junia faun body, Devonia from first release on Junia spider body, Joelle.D and Junia animal from first release with company faceup and souloid Phiel))
      My Souldoll soulkids
      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    5. @Reinameron : I like a lot your Aehael ♥♥♥ You have a nice family.

      Nufa post this on Flickr : 2018-08-21 Hybrid Myou 30 cm body with Souldoll Kid Hari head
      The resin match is very close with Myou normal skin 2018.

      I am interested in the resin match with Dollits new normal skin. Please, if someone has both dolls from these companies :eusa_pray

      Souldoll will release vampires during the winter event. :D
    6. @Reinameron
      Oh my... Great pic and great collection. I totally wouldn't mind adding these cuties to my own collection XD

      Yes, I saw that announcement about the vampires.
      Derpy me didn't read it all and was all excited to check in today... only to realize they wrote 'mid Dec', so no vamps on today...:(
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    7. Just got a shipping notification for the Shaun I ordered back in August! He'll be my first Souldoll sculpt so I'm that much more excited to meet him! :whee:
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    8. @mori HA you're right xD I don't know why I kept reading it and thinking 1/4

      That faceup made me have blinders lol
    9. It happened to me before too . Bai Lu is beautiful, if only she were 1/4...
    10. @mori right!? Tho, I think I've fallen for an iplehouse recently xD
    11. Ok, I know this has been discussed before, but I don't remember what page it was on... when I bought my clodia, it was right before the release of the new double jointed body. I'm finding myself getting really frustrated with the NL body.

      I've sueded and even wired her and, still, her left arm does not do anything except sit at her side or sit straight up above her head. (At the shoulder) I've come to hate her body so much and even looked for a new doll to reshell my OC.

      Come to find out the doll I was considering seems to have the same issues.

      In light of this, I am wondering if the double jointed body poses better.

      If anyone could give me your experiences with both bodies, I would be so appreciative!
    12. My Diammah...I love her

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    13. @Guen Winters did you wire the two arms together through the torso?
    14. @scripple I did, even had it go past her elbows. The right one worked ok, but the left one is still bleh... a friend thought maybe the resin was sanded differently on the left shoulder? I don't think souldoll sands their dolls tho. So idk
    15. @Guen Winters perhaps you're using too small of wire, or too springy. The other option is to loosen the stringing in the arms. It is the elastic that fights the wire. If you use the right wire it should hold no problem. Honestly I've recently come to the conclusion that resin dolls pose better with thinner elastic and bigger wire. If the wire holds the pose the only job of the elastic is to hold the doll together. Tightly strung or very strong elastic is really more of a hindrance than a help once a good wire is in place as you're no longer counting on friction at the joints to hold the pose.

      In my experience, with the right wire the poses will hold even if you pop the actual joint out of place.
    16. @scripple I did tighten her strings recently thinking she was too loose. I'll have to try that, thanks!
    17. Oh, I missed out on the Kyron discussion! I'm so happy to see love for Kyron, I had thought he was pretty unpopular. I was excited when Kyron & the other really beloved sculpts were re-released! I already own one, but I love the sculpts of the dolls I own so much that part of me always wants a second one.

      I'm sorry I don't post in here often! Here's my Kyron :blush

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    18. She's so cute! I got the head in the discontinuation event, but I was surprised that her cheeks weren't chubbier. They looked so, but I guess it must've been from the face-up and photoshopping.

      What body do you have for your girl?