SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. Bristol: She has the older kids body. Her face definitely appears rounder in the promo pics, esp the chin appears much less pronounced. I'm assuming photoshopped or perhaps even her sculpt was changed slightly?
    2. About Diammah:
      I‘m pretty sure it’s their face-up and the angle the pucs are taken.

      I had similar issues with the Lev sculpt. Loved their limited Tarot version, but thought their basic sculpt was changed into a version with fuller cheecks. If a friend hadn’t shown me a blank pic, I’d have never purchased him. (I now have him in each of the three colors ever available xD)
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    3. So, I am really hoping my Aehael will ship out the end of the month/early February. My birthday is on January 26th so, if she does, it would be pretty dang good timing! XD January 6th marked the three months milestone, I believe, so we will see...

      She'll be on the small-bust new double body, which is pretty tall, so I think I'll probably get her a shorter body from another company instead and give the body she comes on to one of my floating heads (probably Mewo or Kuu)... Right now I am thinking I'll give her a Withdoll body, depending on how many/what changes Withdoll makes when they release their new girl body.
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    4. Epona: I'd love to see her when she gets in! Do you think she looks similar to Juno? Can't decide which I like best - Juno looks younger with a rounder face. Did you get fairy or human? Aehael is no longer available anyway.

      Does anyone have Juno?

      Here's another shot of my White Rabbit (Diammah). I wish she was a bit shorter too. Clothes by Code Noir.

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    5. I think Aehael has a very sweet face, whereas Juno can look a bit more stern. ^^ But I think they both would look good side-by-side; I don't remember the initials in the headcap (I used to have a Juno), but I think they might have the same sculptor, too! But Juno has a rounder face for sure, so I guess it depends on how that makes you feel. Eventually I'd like to get a Juno again so if I ever do, I can always see about a side-by-side but I think someone else would be able to get there longer before I do lol.

      And I got the human Aehael with the animal gift head, which will be going to a friend. :) In hindsight I wish I decided to get the faun legs too but oh well, LOL.
      And Diammah looks lovely! :D
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    6. @stellarphenomena - I have both Aehael and Juno (for the time being at least). Here is a side-by-side shot of the two:
      Juno and Aehael

      And in profile here

      The differences in the eye shape is probably more obvious in the blank photos on Souldoll's site. But you can sort of see it here, as well as the difference in the nose and lips.

      Your Diammah is super cute! :D
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    7. eland: Thanks! I actually looked at all your Souldoll heads. Aehael and Juno are both nice, but now I see how different they are. Can you share a photo of them when they are dressed?
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    8. So... is Souldoll keeping the "old white" and "new white" colors? I know they have an event were both are offered, but I was under the assumption that Souldoll was retiring old white?
      I hope they keep both of them... Both look quite nice. Granted I'd probably give them all different names (White, Pale, and Fair Peach maybe lol), but if they keep both whites, it'd be nice to know there would be three different options. ^^ If only they had a darker tan, too. Sandy brown is so pretty, but I know they used to do fairly dark brown resin colors back in the past... Who knows what the future holds though, I suppose?
    9. Souldoll hasn't announced her on instagram yet, or their facebook, but there is a new, limited msd girl! Her name is EunWoo.
      They are selling her in two different sets, along with her head separately. She's for sale until the 28th Korean time.

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    10. I just opened my new SoulKid Yelena and one of her legs seems to be longer than the other?
      I got her to stand with her feet apart but together she is unstable and slightly tilted.

      Do you think this could be a stringing issue or should I contact SoulDoll? Or am I just seeing things?

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    11. Your pic isn’t showing up!
    12. I forgot how to do it, fixed it now
    13. They're definetly uneven. You should ask Souldoll about it.
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    14. I would contact the company right away and have a friend that is familiar with BJD's take a look at her. If it's just a stringing issue you will get it handled but if she was made incorrectly you will have contacted them immediately, which is always a good thing.
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    15. I don't know anyone who is familiar with BJDs in real life but I'm not afraid to unstring her.
      I've emailed SoulDoll in the meantime
    16. Is it just when she sits or does it also show up while she is in a standing position? Like does stand leaning to one side more or like you can’t straighten her leg properly while she like that and she just has it kind of kicked up?
    17. When she stands she is tilted slightly toward her shorter leg. I'm trying to take a good picture of it.
      I just restrung her and difference is still there. I couldn't tell if the top of the thigh is too big for the socket or if the piece is just longer than the other, maybe a bit of both
    18. Keep everyone posted regarding your doll, it will be interesting to see how Souldoll handles this situation. I am looking to buy another doll but don't want to deal with anyone that won't back up their products or deal with issues that might arise. Good luck!
    19. Oh no, that’s no good! What body is she on? It definitely looks like a big difference to me. I hope they resolve this issue for you.