SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. She's on the new double jointed body that came out with Juno.

      I heard back from SoulDoll to my initial email. They said that one of her legs was longer but since she is handmade that it's not a defect.
    2. I hate when doll companies pull that garbage line. Yes they're hand made but there are still basic tolerances they should meet.
    3. Ouch that’s not a satisfactory answer at all. I just ordered a doll on that body myself so I will report back if it’s the same on mine as well. I know an issue like that would drive me crazy.
    4. OH wow I just saw your pictures in this thread and it's indeed quite noticeable, in mij opinion noticeable enough to complain about it. Shame that souldoll replied this way, because it does seem that posing will be harder with this body.
      Men I would be peefed if this was me. Anyway do only tip I could give is maybe chekking you could sand the longer upper leg down a little.
    5. Hello! I am wondering if anyone has a Yeonsoo? If so, what size of eyes do you use? (if you have a picture I would greatly appreciate it!)
    6. @AjiAji Hello ! My YeonSoo's eyes are from Souldoll. They are in 12 mm.

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    7. @Chocolatine

      The 12mm looks really great! Thank you very much!!
      Also - may I ask who she posing with? He is a lovely sculpt.
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    8. Does anyone have tips on sewing for the new girl body? I knew she had big hips and a tiny waist plus I usually struggle with making clothes but now I'm really struggling.

      All my incoming dolls are on the same body too so I'm trying to work something out now
    9. @AjiAji You are welcome :)
      Be careful these eyes are from Souldoll, they have small iris.
      The boy is an Iplehouse FID Leonard :)
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    10. Can anyone tell me if the Eunwoo they've posted photos of for the casual ver. are in their white or normal skin? I couldn't see any mention of it on the order page.
    11. Has anyone gotten their EunWoo? She looks gorgeous in photos and she has a typical korean features. I would love to see how she exactly looks like in real life.
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    12. The small bust looks lovely! Your girl looks very sweet :)
    13. Does anybody have any idea what fits the nl boy body? I haven’t had much luck searching so far so I might end up having to sew my guy an outfit myself.
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    14. Not much in my opinion besides what Souldoll sells. Orz unless you get elastic pants and like a shorter leg look/style. Shirts tend to be a bit more forgiving if they are on a baggy side as that boys torso is long and a bit wider. But usually I can find something to fit unlike the odd length of leg.

      I plan on making clothes for my NL body in the long run because it will just suit the character inside of trying to fit the character into what I have that "fits".
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    15. Do I just have bad luck with SoulDoll? Just got my Bonnie and Seung-a from the discontinuation sale and I'm feeling... underwhelmed.

      One of the magnets in Seung-a's headcap came unglued. Which would be fine if the headcap fit even with it fixed! There's so much gapping, it's like it was made for a different head.

      And maybe I'm just mistaken in my seamline knowledge but I thought white or normal skin dolls were sanded? Got both my girls in white and they've got seamlines similar to my tan Yelena
    16. I am not sure about your personal feelings about the matter, but I know sometimes when I wait so long for a new doll I sometimes just end up feeling like... if they don't super wow me when they come in then they are bland. I usually can't bond.

      Dx that bites about the head cap. I wonder if it is something you can contact Souldoll about?

      And as far as seamlines go, my normal skin boy has his. So I am not sure if that is something they did in the past? My boy is from 2018.
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    17. @hawkfry : All of my Souldoll's bodies have seamlines so it is normal and not a default. My Seung-A's headcap is also bigger but still holds and it is not seen with a wig.
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    18. @hawkfry I'm thinking maybe a run of molds were all like this. My Crispin white-skin girl also has seam lines and her head cap doesn't fit super well. Gotta admit I was also a bit disappointed since I've gotten much nicer heads/bodies for less expensive :(
    19. Okay, so it seems I was mistaken about the seamlines. I ordered through Bjdivas so I've contacted them about the headcap and they are getting in touch with SoulDoll.

      This is what the head cap looks like with the loose magnet removed to just see if it would git properly otherwise
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