SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. I had a problem kind of like that with my Souldoll Randor head when his magnet fell out. It seemed like they had put way too much glue in the magnet hole so when I tried to fix it it just pushed it further up. And it didn't want to close all the way?
    2. Oh dear, that's quite a gap! I hope they can fix it for you! Upsetting that it was sent out like that instead of being re-cast immediately (Also just want to say I love your fingernails, they're so fun! ^^)
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    3. Thank you @Arteria the glitter was my fav colors so I had to get it.

      I must admit after the response I got to my first dolls issue I'm not really expecting Souldoll to do anything to fix the situation. If I need to I may just have to rig something for her head cap
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    4. @hawkfry that is a stressful situation but I tried a few homemade solutions for my weird head gap-y dolls. On one (RS but still) with loose magnets that didn't sit nicely, I put a tight elastic band around (the kind found on produce) and it acts as both a stop-gap for the head and a wig cap. It's not the most elegant solution, but it's good in a pinch.

      So I'm here to report that I put my Soulkid head on a muscle model delf body, and my MDF head on the Soulkid boy body (NL I think) worked surprisingly well! For anyone who wants to know, clothes that fit the MDF body fit the Soulkid body very nicely. I've also had luck with some VOLKS styles on the Soulboy body, though it's not a guarantee.
    5. [​IMG]
      Popping in to introduce my Shaun! I got him quite some time ago in the discontinuation sale but didn't find the perfect wig until now.

      I've had good luck with pieces from the brand Bears (all bought from Alice's Collections). I can take photos of what I have if you'd like to see examples!

      My Shaun also came with a sloppy headcap. :( The edges are a little rough and just like in your photos it doesn't sit flush even though I didn't have any magnet problems. I can live with it since it's covered by the wig but it definitely put a damper on the experience since he's my first Souldoll. (Going on a tangent here but I see that profile pic. My bias is Shownu! :lol:)
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    6. Wow! Your Shaun looks fantastic! Probably one of the best I have seen! He looks great in that blonde wig!
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    7. Heard back from Souldoll! They've asked me send back my Seung-a head so I'll be doing that within the next few days.

      @Autumnfallen omg your boy looks so good! His eye makeup is a food contrast for his eye color. And yay for another MX fan :D
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    8. @hawkfry Hooray! I'm so glad you got a response from them. I hope the corrected one will have no problems ^^
    9. Thank you! I was hunting for a good sculpt to shell an OC and was in love the second I saw him on the website. So happy with this wig!

      Oh yay, glad they're addressing the issue! Hopefully the replacement comes quickly! And thank you, I'm seriously smitten with the finished look. He was wigless for far too long haha.
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    10. @hawkfry
      I hope they have a speedy return for your replacement head!
    11. @Autumnfallen I love those eyes on your Shaun, they're the look I'm going for with my Shaun. I didn't realize how much I'd love the Shaun sculpt until I got my guy (I'm a Joelle fan)

      @hawkfry I hope you get a speedy replacement back! Seung-A was one of the sculpts I really wanted before they discontinued. Her and Gana were so beautiful and a bit different than the other girls. I can't wait to see yours.

      Here's my Shaun on his old body (his currently on an MDF muscle bod and looks great but slightly silly without his body blushing)

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    12. That resin match is really great! I like your Shaun's beauty Mark's. Gives him a nicely unique flare. :)
    13. @A Wee Tiefling Thank you, they were a lucky ebay find. Your Shaun has lovely freckling!
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    14. @AjiAji The resin match is so good because he's still on his sandy brown (and freckly) body ;) His new body is pale! and not! freckled! and he looks so silly! I have him in a scarf to hide it but he'll need a whole new body blush.

      @Autumnfallen Thank you but I can't take any credit for his lovely faceup. His blushing was done by his first owner, Mista Isilme
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    15. Which skin tone did you get your MDF body in?
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    16. @Vetochka , she is gorgeous!

      I finally got my Moa-S last week. She is on the new DikaDoll body, good match for the WS :)
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    17. Hello. I own 3 Souldoll (2 are on their way).
      I would like to have some jointed hands for them.
      1 is in Sand brown resin
      1 is in Normal
      1 is in Old White

      I own 2 pair of Dika Doll 1/4 hointed hands (grey and pink) so I know the wrist joint is not the correct size.
      Though I like the hands. I wanted to try to get the white (not pure white) and the normal and perhaps resin match the pink I own to the sand. Do you think it is a good idea and will the resin match (for white and normal)? Do you think I can sand down the hands wrist so it fits nicer to Souldoll kid?

      Any advice on other jointed hands that would be better?

      Thank you for your help.
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    18. Did you all see that Souldoll made a new version of the Kids girl body? It has open hands and the thigh piece is different at the back
    19. For my normal skinned Juno I have Resinsoul's jointed hands in normal skin and it is an almost perfect match. The size is spot-on, the hands are exactly as the original ones in this matter. They're nearly ideal as far as the color is concerned, just half a tone lighter, really hard to notice. If you plan to blush them even a bit you won't tell a difference at all. - I have a whole gallery of my doll with these hands. A few last photos are with blushing but most of them are without.
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