SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. So, the Souldoll stock sale is up on their website right now :) It seems once you purchase a head/doll though, other people can try to purchase it, so hopefully that won't be too much of a headache for Souldoll when they go to confirm orders etc ^^; I hopefully, maybe, got Souldoll Devonia head in sandy brown - we will see, lol. It took me awhile to actually find the listings on the website since it isn't super clear, so it's hard to say if I was fast enough.

      If I did get here though, anyone know any good resin matches? I might just wait until the next tan event or get the new resinsoul girl body (human vers of the dragon girl) if all else fails, but I'd like to see what options I might have if anyone knows of anything :)
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    2. @Epona I hope there isn't too much of a mix up! I wasn't planning on getting another doll head, but then I saw that Clodia was available in NS, so I had to try my luck.
    3. Thank you so much for the suggestion about Resindoull jointed Hands and taking time to answer ^^
    4. Does anyone have any new suggestions for clothing shops? I have gone through all the old threads and pored over Etsy, but thought maybe there is something I am overlooking on Instagram or something. I have a Miryu style body, and a new Double body on my Juno). I see so many adorable Minifee outfits, but am looking for something really casual a little bigger. I am not really into costumes, I just really like cute layers. I can sew, but am in grad school full time, so just am not finding the time to dress my ladies.
    5. I hope someone didn't have a huge headache, lol! It seems I was able to get her though, since my order is on "item processing" right now. I will have to look around for bodies though... I love the NL Body aesthetically, and I think the new double body is much nicer in a lot of ways over the NL body functionally, but the Souldoll bodies aren't quite to my tastes personally. ^^; So I'll be looking around to see what options there will be for Devonia body-wise... sandy brown does make it a bit harder- even with blushing to match in mind - but not as hard as the original release purple would have been, I think.
      I believe there might be potential with Withdoll's new girl body in brown tan or getting resinsoul to resin match with their new girl body, but I'll have to poke around and see what else I find.

      Also, for those who it might interest, some of the stock heads are still for sale!

      Personally, I think vampire Kuu, Juno Elf, or Joelle would be quite tempting. I'm quite happy with just getting Devonia, though. XD

      Some of my friends has the new body and she really liked Jasminebjdboutique on etsy's clothing, if that helps any?
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    6. Yes, that does help, thanks! I am always on the hunt for new Etsy shops.
    7. Mine is on processing too, so I believe I got my Clodia head! I'll also be looking for a body to match, once it gets here. Most of my current dolls are on NS bodies, so I'll probably be comparing to those to find my best match. Sandy brown does sound a bit more difficult to match, though, since there's such variation in tan-type skins, so good luck! I agree, though, purple would be much harder!
    8. I don't have any Doll Leaves NS resin atm but I remember putting my Junia & Yola heads on it and while it wasn't a 100% match, doll leaves is a bit lighter, it didn't really bother me too much - it was a decent color match, I think, and I think Dollzone matched a little bit more if memory serves, if that helps any. ^^ Some of my friends also put a Souldoll head on a withdoll body too, but Withdoll apparently recently changed their normal skin to be more yellow very recently so I doubt it's as good of a match now.
    9. Thank you for the advice! I do have a doll leaves boy in NS skin myself, so I should be able to do a direct test. I can also compare to my Mystic Kids NS bodies (since MK seems to have some pretty bodies too).
    10. So I just cannot stop looking at photos of Milky Way, I just think she is stunning. However, I just bought Juno. Are they different enough to justify ordering Milky Way? My daughter is about pushing me over the edge, she wants me to turn Milky Way into Little Red Riding Hood.

      I am also super tempted by her stock outfit!
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    11. Are there any comparison photos around of the NL small breast body and the new double body with small breasts? Which do people prefer?

    12. Yes, if anyone could post this, it would be so so helpful!
    13. Not the best, but hope this helps a bit. If I have time tomorrow I'll take better quality pics for you.
      Was almost out of sunlight and I dislike taking pics with flash.

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    14. This is amazing! Is it the double body on the right?
    15. Yes ^^

      NL (Angela) -> New Double (Aehael)
    16. Wow, I almost ordered Milky Way with the NL body, but this completely changed my mind! Thanks so much - I really needed the comparison.
    17. @Soraiasama Thank you so much, you've been so helpful!

      Edited to add: I just ordered casual Eun Woo on the NL body, so excited!
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    18. I think I am going to jump on Milky Way on the new Double body!!
    19. I just paid off a great big group order (two of my friends and I went in together) from Moa/Aehael's animal release last year and I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to finally see my Moa.S! I haven't seen any pictures of their fullsets yet (or maybe I just missed them), which surprised me a little.
    20. You're welcome! :)
      I love Milky Way, hope I can buy one someday. <3

      You're welcome!:)
      She's so cute! Hope it doesn't take too long for her to arrive <3

      Congrats! Hope it arrives soon! :)

      I got Moa.S head as a gift with my Casual Moa. She's so beautiful! <3
      I bought her wig, eyes, clothes, animal hands and flower stick (although mine was sent blank and Souldoll will have to fix their mistake).
      But I still hope to find/buy her an animal body+horns in the future so she can be displayed fullset.