SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. Oh how nice! I didn't get her stick since the painting was fairly expensive (and I figured I could make my own stick if I really wanted her to have one). I did get her outfit and wig (and Aehael's outfit and wig too... I got greedy with the long layaway lol) and her animal and human parts. So I should have lots to play with when she gets here :lol:

      I'm just waiting on the shipping invoice from BJDivas! I was hoping they would ship right away, but it is a large order and I think it's taking a couple days to get it all together. So I'm trying to be patient even though I'm internally all :wantshipping:
    2. I ordered a Juno Elf head in NS. I have no plans yet, I just couldn’t resist. I love elves and partially closed eyes!
    3. I was gonna make a gallery post with my Souldoll/Loongsoul hybrid but only one photo really came out nice enough so I'm posting it here instead :) (Souldoll Yeon bee head, Loongsoul B-G42-01 body)

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    4. I've had a NS Gana head ever since the discontinuation sale that I was thinking about reselling, but I finally decided to use her to shell one of my characters instead. ;; So now I just need to decide on a body for her. The other characters in/planned for her world so far are three Minifees and a Mystic Kids, so she'll need to be compatible with them (though taller than the Minifees). Would a MYOU body work for that? I admit, I got a little bewildered by all the MYOU/Soulkids NS resin match discussions I found. ;; All help would be appreciated!
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    5. Guess who arrived today! (Well technically two days ago, but I was at work and couldn't sign for the package, and couldn't get to the post office yesterday.)
      I didn't expect her to be so small! I think all of my other 1/4 size BJDs are 45cm+ so her little head is so small in comparison. I've got to find her a good body now.
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    6. @FacelessPuppets : Your red-headed Yeon-Bee is gorgeous.

      @onedayrobots : Carol (Angelesque) posted a picture on Instagram. You can see Souldoll normal skin with all Myou's resin skins. Resinsoul, Doll Leaves, and Dollzone seem to be better suited.

      @Magnus Vale : Congrats for your girl :)
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    7. Magnus what a beautiful vampire!

      Does anyone happen to remember how much extra it costs to get the sandy brown skin?
    8. My Moa.S arrived yesterday!
      I'm absolutely over the moon. She's just perfect! I got both the outfits and they are so lovely. I did switch out her eyes but I'll be keeping her default pink wig probably.
      Also I'm really impressed with the new body! She is very posable and easy to handle even with hooves.
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    9. @redfeathers : Congrats !! She has a gorgeous baby face :love
    10. Thank you! Yes, I love how round her cheeks are :D I'm really excited to get her painted!
    11. she is beautiful! congratulations!
    12. Moa has such pinchable cheekies! She has the cheeks I thought Diammah was supposed to have, but never.

      Does anyone else find their girls extra leggy with the hooves? Mine is much taller than expected, so I might get her a shorter body and use the animal one for another girl. :XD:
    13. She does! They are soooo pinchable. Round cheeks are one of my weak points in doll faces :whee:

      Yes she's very tall with the hooves! I got extra legs for her so I can switch back and forth (I did it for the cute shoes and socks, I admit...). I don't mind it, but if anyone needs a height comparison I'm happy to oblige.
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    14. Yes, please! :whee:
    15. Does anyone know when/if they will be selling that Renewal Double Kids body with the different thigh design again? I really want to order Milky Way but I'm stuck between the N.L. and Double body but I feel like if the renewal option was available I'd just go for that rather than N.L. Such a hard choice. ><
    16. I'm so sorry for how long it's taking me to do this (working a lot of OT and Resin Rose prep is eating my free time), but I was able to snap some height comparison pics today! I don't have time to switch to her animal legs atm but I will definitely aim to get more pictures with those in the future.

      Resinsoul Fei (Rong body)>Souldoll Moa.S (new double girl)>Minifee Hwayu (active line)

      As you can see she's nearly a head taller than my minifee when standing. She has a good centimeter on my RS girl. In her hooves she's even taller!

      Her height is definitely concentrated in her legs. Sitting down, the Resinsoul girl is just as tall if not a little taller. To be fair, part of this is poor engineering on RS's part, because the leg joints in her hips stick waaay out when she's sitting while the Souldoll joints slot nicely into her hips (they have a notch to keep them in place). Still, even the minifee body is closing the gap slightly when seated. The new double body is LEGGY. I love it!

      Regarding clothes, my Hwayu is wearing the Aehael set and it's slightly large on her. The Souldoll body has a significantly larger hip than MNF, so they can share as long as the clothes are stretchy enough. (For example, MNF can wear Glitter Girl leggings but no way do those go over Moa's thighs :lol:) Their foot size is very similar though, no problem sharing shoes.

      If you have any specific requests, I should be able to get them after Resin Rose next weekend (including hoof pics)! I have several other mini girls (Dollzone, Soom, SDCute, MSD, Unoa) that can come too :3nodding:

      Edit: I forgot to add that Moa is wearing 14mm eyes with a small (5mm) iris in both these pics and the one I posted above, in case anyone was curious!
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    17. @redfeathers Your ladies are lovely, and thank you for the comparison! I'll be hybriding my Clodia head onto a minifee body, so it's nice to see the differences between the two. I'll look forward to seeing your girl with her hooves!
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    18. I looove Souldoll sculpts so much! It is so great to see everyone getting the newer sculpts.

      I really love the aesthetic appearance of the Soulkid body. Ever since they came out with the original N.L. body they've had some of my favorites.

      I've finally managed to put together a mod project I've had in the works for years. She still needs a wig that fits, as well as a new eye and maybe some proper clothes, but I'm just happy to have her in one piece. Finally!
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    19. She's absolutely amazing! I loooooove triclops dolls and she's just beautiful. :D such a wonderful shot of her too.
    20. @Animethemed

      Wow she's beautiful, I love the witchy, Occultish vibes of the third eye!