SoulDoll mini dolls Soulkids Discussion part 6

Sep 23, 2018

    1. My Clodia girl is back, with her lovely face all made up!
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    2. Hi all! :) Pretty excited to join the SoulDoll group. I ordered Juno a couple of weeks ago :XD: I've always wanted a Souldoll kid and now finally i'll have one. Anyone able to tell me how long their wait times roughly are?? :kitty2
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    3. Oooh congrats! My experience may be a little irregular since I purchased during their large discontinuation sale last summer, but it took almost exactly 4 months for my Shaun with faceup from order date to shipment date.
    4. At long last all my souloid and soulkids have their own heads, eyes and probably their wigs. I haven't had time for a proper photoshoot, but here's a quick candid shot of Mewo, Clodia and Gana (on the souloid body).

      [​IMG]P1100726a by Tide N Thyme, on Flickr

      (If you click through to flickr, Charlie on the male souloid body was also in the shoot)
    5. I have a question about replacing Souldoll Kid hands. I have a Spider Queen body from 2017. Her hands don't have ball joints, and one hand has a particular thin wrist part, so it started to crack:


      So my question is: does anyone know of hands from other companies that would fit an old Souldoll Kid body? I would really like to replace her hands with ones that come with a ball at the end.

    6. You would have to mod the arm since it doesnt have a socket for the ball of other hands to fit into.
    7. Ah okay I see that now. Thank you! Is this sort of crack repairable?
    8. Ooooh, that's an impressive crack! Have you tried writing to Souldoll and asking if you could buy a replacement, even if they don't sell them anymore?

      In the meantime, here's Emma fooling around. I need to take her out in some nice weather and get some pictures, but for now she's goofing around the apartment in her new sweatshirt. I really need to find some pants that fit her, a longer skirt, or failing that, a pair of underalls. XD
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    9. @Magnus Vale Emma has really cute pink ears! :) I haven't contacted Souldoll but I will now, thanks for the suggestion. In the worst case, I can hide the crack under some wrist decoration...
    10. I would definitely check with souldoll. But also i would try to reinforce the edge and the inside if the crack with some apoxie. If you put the pieces of the crack together and put a small piece of apoxie inside it would be alot stonger and you should only see a little at the very edge
    11. Hi!
      Does anyone have both a Dream Valley doll in WS and a SoulDoll doll in the old WS? I'd like to hybrid my SoulDoll Liddel (old WS) with a Dream Valley 1/4 body but I'm not too sure about the two resins matching. What do you think?
      Thank you!
    12. @D795 A bit of a long shot but have you tried contacting Soul Doll about it? They might sell replacement hands still, but this looks to me like a design issue that's big enough that, at the very least, they might consider redoing the wrists with future bodies so that it doesn't happen. Best case scenario, maybe they'll send you a free hand. :P
    13. Wow, I had to go look at my girls.

      I have an older Mayu on the older general body, a Yeon Soo kid on a NL body and a Betty on the new double body and I only JUST realized that my Yeon Soo doesn't have a ball joint in her wrist. Both the older and newer bodies do. That's just weird, not so much the dolls, me, I'm weird - why didn't I see that before?
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    14. @whooganana Thank you for the epoxy suggestion. I will order some!

      @sno4wy Thank you I will contact Soudoll since it doesn't hurt to try! I believe this hand was made just for Spider Queen, and they got the resin too thin. If they have hands left, I prefer to get a regular hand rather than this Spider Queen one.

      @Flittermice What really! There are wrist ball joints in both old and new bodies, but not this one?! That was a strange decision.
    15. I know, right! I adore my Souldoll girls, but I think the oldest general body (very similar to the Minifee Active) is my favorite body (don't tell the other two). I like the new double, very long and leggy, but she's more comparable to a FID body, with a lot of hip. And while I like the NL body, there is a stiffness to the posture that seems to add an sense of anxiety or self-consciousness to my doll's character.
    16. So I haven't been very active in the bjd community (though quite happy with my one doll for the past years), but something unknown called me back, and I think I'm about to buy a Soulkid girl this month. Feels like time for a girl....
    17. New photo of my Charlie and Gana

      by Tide N Thyme, on Flickr

      (They are on the souloid bodies but are soulkid heads so I hope it's okay to post them here)
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    18. @Tide N Thyme What a lovely pair!

      Emma's enjoying my stuffed animal collection as much as I do. I'm also still switching wigs around, since she has the smallest head of all my dolls and most of mine don't fit her! This blonde wig doesn't fit anyone else though (I bought it for one of my boys and I think it was mislabeled as far as size goes), I think she looks kind of cute with a short hair cut though?
    19. Thank you!

      She looks really cute!
    20. Yep. It's totally Sirius' fault that I want Kyron, whom I found in the marketplace (Thanks @Shilen ) and this will be the adoptive mother of my family of 4 fae children, so I was excited to find a new double girl body on Facebook for her instead of the male body the head was sold with. *waits for overseas shipping*
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