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Dec 12, 2004

    1. New model 'Paris'

      I saw that 'Paris' rises as is more inexpensive than shopping mall to ebay.
      Paris' clothes are really splendid and nice.
      I like paris' lips

    2. I really like him, too. :D

      So he's a new head for souldoll? I tried to see if he wasn't Lune. Both are beautiful boys.

      The resin in these dolls is unbelievable, really looks like the wax over porcelain....beautiful and translucent.
    3. Holy CRAP he is gorgeous O___O
    4. I know what you mean - he IS gorgeous. I contacted SoulDoll, and they said that the new body he comes with WILL be produced in a normal skin tone as well - Paris: Prince of Fate is 'limpid cream' skin tone. They said it would probably be a few weeks before the normal skin tone was available, though.

      I'm going to get one for Talon - the School Head A boy I'll eventually own. The skin tones aren't a perfect match, but I think with a little blushing I can live with that. That body is to DIE for! Like an SD13 long-legged, but more mature. **drool**
    5. he's beautiful, but some people bought older versions of souldoll and they didnt pose so great? I wonder if the new body poses as well as a volks sd13 or CP...?? I'd really want to know how well the doll poses before paying for something as high as this! But he is very very beautiful!
    6. We were discussing this on LJ and I think maybe it's a new design? The body, I mean.

      I think these new boys Souldoll have been producing are *stunning*. The outfits are extraordinary!

      I think if they do an unlimited boy, I may get me one. I'm sure Febe would be most appreciative ;)
    7. Yes, these new boys definitely have their improved bodies. I saw a pic on Gigglegeek's website of the old style bodies which were really stiff and unnatural, and I have to say the difference in the quality of sculpt is amazing on the boys! It will be thrilling to see the first few of these dolls as they start arriving.

      Souldoll just keeps getting better and better! I honestly can't wait to see what improvements they'll make to the female body.

    8. I'm really curious to see someone's review of the posing :D and "real life" pictures!
    9. I think I'm in love.
    10. Ohhhh....... He's so gorgeous, but I can't afford the LE set...... :crushed

      Does anyone know if they'll be making him as a basic doll?
    11. Yes, someone wrote to Souldoll when Paris got released on Ebay for the first time. There'll be a standard set, with normal skin (on a new body though) - I think the price quoted was $540, or something like that. The body IS new... I don't like it. >_< It's so... lumpy in the upper torso. Paris' head sculpt is just gorgeous though.
    12. That is really good news. I, too, LOVE the head, but I really dislike the body. >.> I hope they release it soon because I'd love to see real life pictures of it because I know it will make me want it more.

      Is it wrong he reminds me of El? Then again, every doll reminds me of another doll when they don't even look alike. x.x;;
    13. I know I am. @_@
    14. Oh, thank god. I can deal with not having the outfit... that face and body is gorgeous. xDD;
    15. wow his is handsome~! I didn't really like souldoll, but this one is definally cool~^_^
    16. Joy! If the normal skin is pale enough for my taste, I might have to start saving up for him.The body bothers me a little, too, but I think a bit of sanding will make him look more streamlined.