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Sep 10, 2018

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.

      New fairy story dolls are going to meet you as soon.
      The images & sale notice detailed will be updated until next week.
      We hope to get a lot of support from you.
      Thank you. :)

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    2. Will it be possible to order only a head? Thanks!
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    3. Are they 1/4 scale? <3
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    4. Seconding the scale question. Also I just want to say I really love the new girls! Especially Moa casual.
    5. We are afraid that we don't sell these dolls head separately.
      Thank you.

      Yes. These girls are Kids girl line doll (1/4).

      Thank you for your support. Moa is 1/4 doll. :)
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    6. Would it be possible to order the casual version with a male body?
    7. Do the casual versions come with human legs or hooves?
    8. My question is a little different. Would it be possible to get the fantasy parts but the open eyed head version?
    9. This, but with the human body and the fantasy head?
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    10. Thank you :) That's perfect, I'm so excited! Will you be revealing the release dates soon? :)
    11. Will these be limited? Or will they be around for awhile?
    12. Yes. We are going to add male body option for the sale page. :)

      Casual ver. is offered with human legs. :)

      Yes. It is possible.
      You can choose any one as a basic head among Aehael.S / Aehael / Moa / Moa.S for ordering the fantasy ver.
      Thank you.

      Yes. It is possible.
      You can choose any one as a basic head among Aehael.S / Aehael / Moa / Moa.S for ordering the fantasy ver.
      Thank you.

      We are going to release these dolls on Sep 21. We hope your big support. :)

      These dolls are limited and we are going to sell these dolls for a month only. :)

      Thank you for your interest in Aehael. You can order Aehael in white and normal skin only during this order period and special skin will be offered during other periods. :)
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    13. Very excited for Aehael!
      Can you tell which skin colours will be available in this order period?
      Will there be other order periods with different skins?
    14. Would there be a cocoa milk skin at some point? Or this skin won’t be available anymore?
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    15. Thank you for your reply!
      Does this mean there will be a second order period for Aehael and Moa?
    16. I second the question if the sheep version of Moa and Aehael will be available in a second period in different resin color options..would be fantastic if there was some type of fantasy color as well as the usual sandy brown.

      -Does the sheep version of Moa have human ears are elf/animal type ears? I'm impatient to wait until the 21st for more

      On a side note I would love to see a kids 1/4 boy fantasy doll in this series, Vito is just too big to go with my other fantasy 1/4 girls in this series, I got Paw but he is just way too big especially his feet and he doesn't stand. I really was excited when I first saw Criss angel with those fantastic horns, but would have loved if he was on a fantasy body of some sort.
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    17. Thank you for your interest in special skin.
      We are going to offer special skin(maximum 2 skin type) such as sandy brown but exact skin is not decided yet. And, Moa.S-Animal ver. head has an elves ears.
      Regarding 1/4 boy fantasy doll, we also are considering about it but we are expecting that it takes some times.
      We hope your continued support.
      Thank you. :)
    18. fabulous Moa is really cute so I just wanted to be sure she had elf/animal ears <3 I'll have to wait for the special skin listing then thank you so much for verify that information.
    19. [​IMG]
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    20. Will there be another order period for the Casual version with other skin colors?
      Also, are these dolls only available for a 3 month layaway plan or 6 month?
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