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Jan 4, 2005

    1. Thank you for posting this! Clara is beautiful... I love Souldoll's new sculpts. <3

      I must say... "Pure Fetal Clara" cracks me up. xD
    2. I love her dress, but look at her eyes! Oooh, I love the color of her eyes! Souldoll's eyes always remind me of fruit drops.

      I noticed this, too:

      So if anyone wants her, you'd better snap her up quick!
    3. lol I was just about to post this! *just visited the souldoll website*

      But yes, she is very pretty :D She has a very sweet face, I think. Pity she's out of my price range
    4. :o Wow, the new Souldoll dolls are becoming SO pretty, her and Lune are just so damn :drool :nosebleed

      damnit, i want!!

      (what the hell is with the "fetal"!? i hope they meant 'petal' o__O;; )

      "Audience can you say WOW?; WOW."
    5. Administrator seems to amend mistyping. :oops:
      I changed image-link again.
    6. Score one Nadeshikou!! :x YEAHH!!!

      Seriously though, she is a very beautiful doll; she and Lune made me add SoulDoll to my Favourites, right next to Luts ^___________^


      :chibi :chibi :chibi

    7. Her pout is so insanely adorable >_<. Darn Souldoll, they're pulling my heartstrings with all these pretty new dolls ;-;
    8. MUST-GET-HER!!!!! but it's more than likely that she would be sold out when i got the money :|
    9. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I loved!!!!! I never was very intro souldoll but the new dolls are making me change!
    10. I love this doll, but really hope they make a non limited one.
      $950 is hefty, and I don't care for the dress (incredible as it is), so I'll hold out for a regular edition.
      I just love their resin.....it glows.
    11. Wow... I absolutely love their girl body- look at those curvy legs!! And *omg* is that a hint of muscle on a girl doll?! ( Sorry- hate all these dolls with chicken-like stick legs!) *_* She looks like she would make the absolute cutest little goth or punk! I can just see her in dark eyeshadow, serious eyelashes, and little pink lips! Here's to hoping for a non-limited version!

      Souldoll rocks! :D

    12. I'd have to say SoulDoll has a new sculptor (or this current one is going through another phase in style), and I like this new style.
    13. She's cute! My first thought as I scrolled through the 'body' section of the pictures was "hey....her legs are a lot like Lune's - she's got MUSCLE!! Cool!" ANd my second thought was "BAM!! Butt!"
    14. :D I ran downstairs and dragged my poor husband to the computer monitor to look at this doll, all he kept saying was "How much?" and I had to go to the site to check. Oh well I can wait until they come out with a general edition. I love her big ole butt, puts her in the same category with the Unoss.
    15. OMG. That dress is gorgeous! I don't care much for her, but I would kill for a dress like that.
      ... for me, I mean.
    16. She's absolutely **gorgeous**

      I'm honestly to the point though that I couldn't possibly adopt another big doll.

      I know, I know, famous last words! :roll: :roll:

      But seriously, I don't have any more space (except for the wee Volks Tenshi, I could always find room for a couple of those :oops: )...
    17. oooo...she is tempting...I just love the resin. hope they come out with a facial sculpt I cant resist cause her bod is great!
      I too am running out of room to get another big doll...it would have to be really special.....
    18. oh, pish posh you can just send some to live at my house :P I'm already past the point where I can keep them all in my room, so I'm building them their own :D
    19. Do you think she'd be able to stand with those ankles?