New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: NEW Heads & dolls (with summer event)

Jul 31, 2020

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    2. Will there be other releases during the event or is this it? Asking because my wallet is already crying and I'd hate to miss out on a new doll because I put in my order early.
    3. I like the clothes displayed on the new dolls and hope to get a full tera zenith

      I want to ask; will the clothes be on the new dolls available to buy too?
      I would like to know so I can combine shipping by making one order if it will be available at a later date

      thank you
    4. Are all these new heads limited or not? Will they be available after this event?

      Will a fantasy color skin be added during this event?
    5. There will be no more new dolls during the summer event. :)

      We couldn't decide whether to sell most of the new doll's costumes because they were made for photographic purposes only. We'll discuss it by next week and notify you when the sale is decided.Thank you. :)

      These dolls are not limited. However, you can order only during the summer event with special benefits. As mentioned above, the sales price will increase after the event period, so don't miss the event period! Thank you. :)
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    6. I assume there are no plans to sell the heads of the other soulkids separately in the near future?
    7. Sorry but we don't yet have any plan to sell the other kids doll's head separately. Thank you.
    8. @SOULDOLL-Master
      If we were to qualify for the Free Head do we merely post which head we want as a comment? I'm not seeing an option to list the free head at check out.
    9. @SOULDOLL-Master
      Do you have plan to open gray/sandy brown/other special skin color order during the summer event?
      And, can we choose size of head/body keeping
    10. Yes.
      Please state the gift head name and skin color in order comments box on last order page when you make the order over 1,000$.
      Thank you. :)

      Sorry but we don't have any plan to sell any special skin during event period.
      We hope you understand.
      And, you can choose the size of head/body keeping bag if you want.
      Please state the size you want in order comments box.
      Thank you. :)
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    11. Sorry but it doesn't fit on the kids body.
      Thank you. :)
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