New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: New zenith girl&clothes

Aug 25, 2017

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.

      Let us bring you up to release new zenith girl HAE-BIN and new clothes for zenith boy. :)
      We hope to get a lot of support from you.
      Thank you!

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    2. Dear SOULDOLL-Master,
      I really like Hae-Bin sculpt. Gorgeous smile.

      I've got a couple of questions about this doll:
      1. Will this head be available separately for ordering?
      2. Could you please add photo of the head without make-up on the doll's page of your site or simply post it in this topic?

      Thank you for your answer and assistance in advance.
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    3. Hello,

      Will the clothing shown on Hae-Bin's promotional pictures be available to purchase at some point?

      Thanks for your time!