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SoulDoll one year Anniversary Sale....^^

Nov 12, 2005

    1. "Hello? Everyone.

      We begin event selling by state that do not assemble all dolls by 11/14~12/15 to meaning that memorialize english shopping mall 1th anniversary.
      Exact selling price and information of dolls that do not assemble can confirm at shopping mall on 11/14(Monday) .
      Hope a lot of interests and participations as it is special event progressing during a month.
      Have a nice weekend!!!"

      This was the note they sent to me....^^
    2. 'do not assemble dolls'...? Does this mean unfinished kits? Intresting! Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves. ^_^
    3. Please no unfinished kits... I LOVE unfinished kits (my first doll was one) :D :D save my money.
      That's pretty awesome though. ufk really do give people another (cheaper) option :)
    4. uh oh, this could spell trouble for me!! lol, my poor wallet....
    5. It's so nice of them to offer these sales. :grin: :daisy
    6. Can I hope that one of these options will be a seperate sleeping Paris head? ;_; Or is that too much to ask??
    7. HOLY CRAP! The prices are super low!

      They're $180 for soulkids and $390 for the regulars! Good lord! Get 'em while they're hot! o____o
    8. *nod* super super low XD
    9. Why, of all times, must it be now? T_T *grabby hands at Eckstine*
    10. I know, I went to go look and my jaw nearly dropped. I could almost afford a Lune which would be awesome. *sigh* Although I need to find a girl I like since I have like almost all boys.... >_>
    11. Did you see where you could get the kit and just have the faceup done?
      I don't know if Ruby does all the faceups, but if she does $35 is a real good deal!

      All the dolls are kits....even the SoulKids. Great prices. ^^
    12. Hey does anyone know if the kits come with eyes? XD
      Sorry if it seems like a rather redundant question... I'm actually very curious to see what comes in the kit itself
    13. woah! i'm completely bowled over by the prices! before i jump in and order, can someone help me first?

      (1) the kits can be ordered with faceup, right?
      (2) the kits will only need to be strung together? any sanding/parting needed?
      (3) i'm assuming that eyes/wig/cushions are not included?

      i'm so wanting to get my first big boy, and i love Paris! hope to get him! :D
    14. In the propaganda they say:

      - doll
      - eyeball (size:16mm / it's acril made by souldoll's own skill)
      - wig (random)
      - kipping box (cushion)
      - no make-up(basic) / Select option if want make-up addition.
      * Write to memo if there is want make-up style.
      Or, is possible even if send us want picture image.
      We send by default makeup if do not inform want style.
      - spare string for body's tension

      - skin : normal skin (urethan choice)
      - height : 60.5 cm
      - bust : 26 cm
      - waist : 21.5 cm
      - hip : 26.5 cm
      - foot : 7.9 cm
    15. Kaaaaaaaatie :cry: :cry:
      I would get her... But I need a boy first... :D I love UFKs :chibi
    16. Yeah, but that's the normal propaganda for the doll that's always been up there. It doesn't necessecarily mean the kit will have wig/eyes/cushions.

    17. Nooo... I have a crush on Lune (especially imagined lune). I already decided what to spend my money on, however, so boooo no souldoll just yet.
    18. I just asked SoulDoll in their Q&A board.

      I left it open so you can check the answer....Maybe tomorrow there will be one. ^^

      BTW...I'm not selling the dolls....I just love them! ^^
    19. Thanks for asking ! Sure hope we get eyes but we ordered some extra anyway....

      I just ordered and am wondering what are points?
      I opted to pay them with Paypal versus Bankwire, is this better?

      ( late to ask I know)
    20. I pay through PayPal.
      They seem to think it's fine, or at least they take it.^^

      You'll get a note from the owner saying they got payment in a day or two. Then they'll email you with the shipping stats when your doll is ready to go. ^^