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Souldoll Paris General Release

Jan 27, 2005

    1. "Only, it is difference of limpid thing and that is not limpid." ...dude, what?

      Congratulations, Zoi!! That boy is teh hotness. :D
    2. Ehehe, Souldoll's Engrish cracks me up. ^^ the Limpid Souldoll skin is apparently "glowy", slightly transluscent and looks really cool in person.
      I got the Opaque skin, however, because I want to transplant his head. ^^
    3. Man...the more I look at him...maybe I wouldn't need that El head after all...

      Argh! Decisions.
    4. MY GOD he is gorgeous!!! He is not making it easy for me!! :cry:

    5. **stares blankly** Oh my...
    6. I ordered him. I PAID for him with PayPal.

      I hope I did this right. The invoice they emailed me didn't outright say, "OK, now go and pay with PayPal." It kinda...implied it. So I went ahead and paid.

      [deep breath]

      I ordered the luminous resin.

      I ordered him.

      I feel kind of dizzy...

    7. *jumps up and down with you* <3 !!
      Yeah, I sent payment with Paypal as well... I'm assuming if that's not the right thing to do, they'll e-mail and tell us so. *laughs*
    8. -____-.

      *uber sad*

      You guyses are gettin' a Paris before *moi*. XD.

      But anyway. ^^. Congrats, you two! ^^!!! Really happy for you both! (And Zoi~~~~, *somebody* has to *totally* introduce me to their new friend once he gets here, but I'm not saying who~~~*

      I'm guessing he's 540 US$? Right?

      Puu. That's gonna be like, what, eighty-BEELYUN plus S&H. BLAH! XDXDXD!

      *little ball of negativity*

    9. *pumps arm around in air frantically*


      Please dont think I'm a psycho!!!XDXDXD!!!
    10. Oi, congrats Zoi!

      -mops up drool-

      I want one now...

      *whimper's at walllet*
    11. AH I want one. His eyes... and lips... <333
    12. I would like to have a limip in my collection near future :lol:
    13. I am most likely getting a limpid skin one with makeup after the moneys from my sales come in.
      I am sooo in love with that side glance.
      And the bod.
    14. Gah he's so wonderful! Now there's another boy I want....................>.<

    15. Zoi-chan,

      I got confirmation from Souldoll really quick after I sent in payment--did you?

      Very exciting! Just love that boy's face.


    16. ::points:: HE IS NEXT.

      Since my quest for a Bermann is utterly hopeless, and Paris is utterly gorgeous. :3

      Now, to convince myself to get my DOD twins first. ::avoids the Souldoll site like the plague:: @_@;
    17. Hai, I did! And my order status on the page now says "Cannot be cancelled". ^_~
      (Like I'd want to. <3 )
    18. Yeee~ I ordered him this morning. :3 I was almost late for class. XD;;; Now I must become busy with making clothes to make up the cost! @D@;;;// Look out here come a bunch of MSD/DOD sized coats. XD;
    19. Can anyone in the US/Canada tell me what the shipping charge was?

      I have to count pennies to see if I can swing him, in addition to saving for the next Unoa preorder, or if I"m gonna have to mortgage the dog or something.