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SoulDoll Paris

Jun 19, 2005

    1. Am seriously thinking about buying Paris from Soul Doll but would liked feedback please. Would love to see "real" pics so if anyone has pictures please send me a link to them or let me know where to look.


      U.S. Agent for Posh Dolls
    2. There've actually been quite a few requests for pics/opinions on Paris lately, (or Souldolls in general) I'm sure if you do a quick search for "Paris" or "Souldoll Paris" you'll find lots of good stuff.

      It's nice to see the interest in these dolls picking up, since Paris is one of my absolute faves. *blows Jime kisses*

      One thread I can think of off the top of my head was in the pic request forum... here
    3. zoi_no_miko has a *neautiful* Paris. Just look her up and check her posts in the gallery. He's really beautiful, his name is Kika, and she posts pictures of him often. :3. I'm also sure she'd be glad to send you a few pictures/ some feedback if you PMed her. :3.

      you've really made a great choice. I have a soft spot for that doll. :3. I want one too, one day. :3.
    4. Thanks everyone for the info and pics. Everyone's Paris is amazing and he does change his look easily. I normally don't like the Soul Doll mold but Paris does not look like the other dolls - actually neigher does Clara. I know a couple of people who own Soul Dolls and they all rave about the body and the way it behaves and looks. You have all helped put Paris as my #1 consideration.

    5. You know, I never really liked any of Souldoll's molds enough to consider buying until they released Paris. Though Lune did catch my eye. lol And Zoi's Kika, omg he's my faaaaavorite Paris.

      As much as I'd love to see more of Paris around the board...I'm afraid I'll start wanting one. lol