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Souldoll resin match

Feb 7, 2007

    1. My friend found a doll on Souldoll [paris to be exact] that she fell in love with the face. The thing is, she very nearly hates the body mold. What do you guys think would be the best match for a different body? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
    2. i read in the other thread that custom house is the best match.
      i was thinking bout a head switch too but i'd like to hear some more from other people, or some pics please :)
    3. hmm. I've not even really heard of custom house. I'd like to see pictures too.
    4. my souldoll boys are a lot whiter than my CP Soony (she is more.. well peachy! then they are), but i know luts resin can change between batches, but personally i dont think its a good match!
    5. Actually, they don't match at all, the tones are way different. Souldoll is peachy toned, but not as dark as CP. CP does tend to very, so there is a chance of finding a CP body that would match okay. Souldoll matches Volks Pureskin nicely, except the Pureskin isn't nearly as peachy, but it's still a good match.

    6. I was curious about this too since I was hoping to get a SD Reese head and stick her on the customhouse old girl body...any hope of that matching or do I need to kick start my savings fund? :sweat
    7. oh no, not at all. I just reread what I typed, its a bit confusing. I said CH doesn't match, and then went on about how CP matches, and then Volks. That's all, CH and CP aren't one in the same.

      Spamsama: They won't match:sweat
      Check one of Sylvan leaf ~ Jaime's post with Beddy (Souldoll) and Addy (CH), that'll give you a most definite answer.

    8. Aaaw thanks Sera, secretly I figured they wouldn't match but...Bummer. Quinn is getting me back for taking so long to get her, apparently. :sweat
    9. Resins frequently don't match and I just blush the head to match the body of my choice. It may take several coats but I eventually get my heads to match just fine. I had several heads that I wanted to go with Dollstown pinky white resin and they were too dark or too yellowish. So, I blushed them all over with a mixture of white and lavender chalk. About 4-5 coats. Now they match perfectly.

      I had another severely yellowed French resin head and I restored her to a normal color and she's now going on my DOD Shall body. It takes time and experience with color, not to mention Mr. Super Clear :) but it isn't difficult to do. My heads were quite a bit off--if the difference is just a shade or two it would be fairly simple--maybe two layers of blushing.

      This really solves the matching problem. Then you just have to worry about mechanical, but then you can get around that too by sanding necks a bit.
    10. Since someone else was considering matching an Elfdoll boy to the Souldoll body, it's possible that the Souldoll head might match the Elfdoll male body?

      Just a thought.
    11. Anyone else found a good match for Souldoll resin in NS or WS?
    12. Souldoll WS, matches Soom WS.

      Does anyone know if Luts WS matches?
    13. Luts WS is much pinker than Souldoll WS. Souldoll WS is almost paper white.
    14. I have an Elfdoll head from a very pink batch and I was wondering if it might possibly match Souldoll NS? Not sure how pink Souldoll resin is. Thanks in advance!