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New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: Royal Vampires (coming soon)

Dec 14, 2018

    1. [​IMG]
      Crimson petals, velvet skin.So shy, so quiet.Hidden within the shadows.Unnoticed, untouched...

      SOULDOLL-Royal Vampires
      Coming Soon!

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    2. When you are planning to place them on site?
    3. Thank you so much for the ardent support of our fans.
      We are going to release them (vampire ver. & human ver.) this Friday.
      We hope you will continue to show an interest. :)
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    4. Very interested!!
      Could you show more photos?
    5. This Friday, we will release them directly on our site. You can see more images on our site. :)
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    6. beautiful :)
      do you plan a next release these dolls with fantasy skin - green, blue etc?
    7. We have a plan to release these dolls with new fantasy skin. We hope your big support. Thank you. :)
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    8. very interesting!
      could you tell now the release date ?
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    9. Hi, I have a question. :)
      Under makeup it has two options, one is default and the other is default(basic+gift).
      What is the difference? Or rather, what is the gift?
    10. We still are testing new fantasy skin and we are going to inform the schedule on Jan next year. We hope your continued support. Thank you. :)
    11. You can see gift head option on each sale page of new dolls. 2nd make up option is for ordered doll and gift head chosen all. Thank you. :)
    12. i'm waiting :3nodding:

      oh, your new white is so pink.
      Maybe the old white will also be available?
      my heads need bodies, but it must be a pale white.
    13. These dolls are so beautiful! :love

      I would like to know if these dolls are going to be available in normal skin and white skin. Thank you.
    14. Hello? We're going to continue selling old white skin for a while. Thank you. :)

      Grey and Sandy skin will be selling by January 13 next year. After that, you can order these dolls in normal and white.
      Thank you. :)
      #14 SOULDOLL-Master, Dec 22, 2018
      Last edited by a moderator: Dec 22, 2018
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    15. I love you new vampire 52 cm girl if I can’t see her eyes. I can’t tell if she is trying to look down or have her eyes closed will there be more photos?
    16. Her eyes look down on her but, it was darker than the actual eyes because there was no light in the eye area during the shoot.As your request, we post a photo of the eye area being illuminated. Thank you. :)

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    17. I still don't understand where to find the gift head photos. Is it the blank head photo at the end of the listing? So if I ordered vampire vino, she would come with a second identical vampire head, or a human version head, in addition to the head attached to the doll body?

      Sorry, I'm not great at doing this. :(
    18. That's actually spot on. The gift head is your choice of a second vampire Vino head or the human Vino head. There's then the option to get makeup on just the default head, or both heads. Am I making sense? I don't know...
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    19. Thank you!