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Souldoll sale

Oct 22, 2004

    1. I'm not too too sure if this has been posted any where, but Souldoll is haveing a sale on their shoes. I'm not sure if there's any thing elce on sale since I diddn't look but I just picked up 4 pairs of shoes for my boys and soon to be girl for $107 with shipping :)

      for any one wondering how to order from them, just drop them an email under contact saying that you'd like to order from them, give them the list in korean (with an english description under it to avoid confusion) and give them your paypal email and they will send you an invoice with the total.

      their site: www.souldoll.com
    2. Hey Minako, thanks for the heads-up.. I ordered some :D.... Any idea what they charge for shipping, and what types of shipping they use?

      - Therese
    3. my shipping was $25.50 I think. it was $22 or 25 one of the 2 for EMS.

      They will ship them by airmail you just need to state that you want that. and Souldolls boxes for shoes are huge @_@ so the $25 wasn't bad concidering I paid $14.50 a pair for shipping for Dai's other 2 pairs of shoes from them.
    4. :grin: Hehe.... I bought for the first time from them, some *Beautiful* Pink Boots and some P7 eyes... my gawd :o .... The boots and the eyes are just amazing. The packaging so sweet! so I had to go back and buy another pair of boots and eyes again! :lol:
    5. Ahhhh.... sorry about, that was me above. :roll:
    6. Aww... I almost got a pair of eyes and shoes but the boots weren't black like I thought they were. ;O; Plus, the shipping is pretty expensive for just a pair of shoes. The packaging pay be pretty, but that's a sneaky way to charge extra for shipping. xD;
    7. Weeeeeeeeee, my order arrived already.. I got 3 pairs of boots, and only paid $17 for EMS shipping.. according to their info they charge the same for EMS shipping to Australia and the USA. I think the shipping price was reasonable, considering how fast it was and that it was insured/tracked etc. I guess I am used to paying more for shipping any way.... but you can ask to have your order shipped via Airmail :daisy

      - Therese
    8. Just curious as I have purchased some things in the past that have been either too big, which isn't too much of a problem, or too small, which won't work at all.
      Do these fit Volks SD 13 or MSD?
    9. Good question, usually they are divided into categories boys, girls and kid, but when you surf the footwear section straight off they are all togheter, and the sale section is also pick and mix. They should fit SD but you sortof need to know what category they were in before the were in the "sale' section. What type were you after?

      - Therese
    10. I only have SD 13 boys, and some CP and SD 13 girls and two MSD girls.

      I love those cute pink boots, but would want them for my SD 13 girls.

    11. If it's pink, its probably for girls...

      - T.