::SOULDOLL:: Shiva again with zenith girl heads

Dec 22, 2016

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.

      We are informing that we accept again Shiva order with all zenith girl heads
      within winter event period only. (until 31.Jan.2017)

      You can choose one head in all zenith girl heads for Shiva body.
      Also, we offer total 6 skin colors
      (white/normal/grey/sandy/mint blue/saffron orange) for the doll.

      We hope your big support.
      Thank you. :)

      Shiva again > *Special ball jointed doll for you, SOULDOLL*
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    2. My Grail doll! :o I can hardly believe it!!! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
      Is the body the same as the original release, or is it a new style body?
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    3. Thank you for your support.
      Shiva body is the original. :)
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    4. Hello?
      We have update the comparion image of skin color (white/normal/sandy brown/grey/mint blue/saffron orange).
      Thank you. :)

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    5. @SOULDOLL-Master does Shiva qualify for the 2016 winter clothes or discount?
    6. Sure. You can choose a gift clothes or 10% DC coupon on last order page.(member only) if you make the order within event period. :)
    7. Do you think you would ever release Aehael again I missed out on her and am absolutely gutted :, (
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    8. We don't yet have the plan about it but we will consider about it next year.
      Thank you. :)
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    9. @SOULDOLL-Master also, is it possible to order other Zenith girl hands in special mint blue resin color with Shiva? I would love to have other hand options for her.
    10. Hello?
      You can add zenith girl hands in mint blue skin on Shiva order if you purchase Shiva doll.
      Thank you.
    11. Is it possible to order a znith Swinte with both chest (4 arms and regular chest)?
    12. @Luchan It is, Swinte is available in the head choice and the basic body + 4 arms is offered in every colors.
    13. I'm so excited about this!!! Have you made any dolls in the "mint blue" color before? I like it based on the comparison image, but I would love to see a full doll in that color just to be sure! :D Is it similar to the Tarot card "high priestess" resin color?
    14. @Adalwolf Aha, you're right! Wow, seeing it on a full doll... it really is turquoise! :o I'll have to think more if I want that or the grey...
      Thanks for your help! :3
    15. Sure.
      You can choose Swinte head in head type option and you get the doll as you want if you choose basic+Shiva 4arms,chest option. Thank you. :)
    16. Please do! I missed out on him too and would love to see him back!
    17. Thank you. We hope your continuous interest. :)
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