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Souldoll Shiva [With 4 Arms Gray skin]

Mar 9, 2010

    1. Oh.
      Goodness! :o

      This...this is what I was waiting for!!!! :dance

    2. She's amazingly lovely! I'm pretty glad right now that fantasy dolls just don't work in my collection... :lol:
    3. PLEASE let her not be some super-short order period, and more like Chiron... please, oh fate... she's an absolute must-have, but the budget is absolutely not budge-able.
    4. Holy Batman.

      I am speechless. O____________O
    5. i have to say, she is quite lovely..... her face is beautiful, the hands are so graceful.... i even like her costume.... oh boy, another wanty want.
    6. *stares in absolute wonder*
    7. Wow.

      Ever end up hoping you DON'T win a lottery? T_T
    8. she is stunning, after all those soom dolls that grabbed me I am afraid to be souldolled soon enough, I do hope she will be there for a while because I dont have the funds to purchase her with the initial release xD. But this is a doll dream come true for me =3.
    9. Oh god, i think I'm in love, I'll just have to buy her and the Human Version. I'm sorry bank account -___-.
    10. Whatever the Soul Doll equivilent to Soomed is, I have it. Souled? Souloved? Soulovingthisdoll?

      I really hope she's not a limited. I need to save, save, save.
    11. Ensouled! Souldolled! Whatever it is, I am, too. This is too much to resist for an absolute Hindifan like I. AMAZING!
    12. WOAH
      I haven't got an SD but this girl is just STUNNING!
      Do you imagine they'd bring her out with only two arms?
    13. She's got a beautiful face.
    14. Amazing... those hands are so delicate. She is one gorgeous lady. Does anyone know if they do layaways? I know Soom does, but if SoulDoll does, she may be attainable. I hate to think how much that costume is going to run too. Think of the clothing nightmare you would have trying to buy 4 armed sweaters and shirts... but with that beauty, she would be so worth it.

      - ShadowHawke -
    15. so amazing..OoO..gosh I keep finding interferences in my saving plan! This girl is absolutely beautiful! I knew she was when i saw her human version, but greyskin does wonders to a buyer! @o@

      I wonder what type of shoes she'll have....or maybe she'll be barefoot.
    16. She is absolutely adorable!! <3 If someone buys my Lishe...I will buy her... *wow*
    17. I noticed that they have her under "Zenith Girl" rather than "Limited"....hopefully that will mean some of us can SAVE UP!!!! She's going to be a pocket-drainer!!!!!
    18. She's magnificent, those beautiful arms and that skin tone and lovely face, but there is no way in hell I can buy her yet, I haven't even finished paying for the two dolls I have on layaway. I have a pessimistic feeling about her availability, it would just be too perfect and against the pitiful, cursed norm for her to be available for long, gah!

    19. Yeah they definitely do!