souldoll sizes

Apr 4, 2020

    1. hi
      does anybody knows where i can learn about souldoll sizes in general?
      i cant understand their sizes on cloths or dolls in general ><
    2. A great place to look would be the Souldoll Discussion for the size you are trying to find clothing for. Did you have a certain size you were interested in? Souldoll has a few various lines currently. The TeraZenith, Zenith, Vito, Kids, and Sweetest lines. The TeraZenith is a very large (75 cm), very heavy male. They have yet to release females in this line. From what I know, sometimes they will fit Iplehouse shirts, but other than that everything else either has to be tailored for them or bought for their size specifically. The Zenith line is closer to your average SD size at 65 cm and comes as either gender. I'm not sure about the males, but I do know that the females can sometimes fit other clothing, I have purchased an outfit from Alice Collections and it fit my Zenith Female. Then there is the Vito line, which is closer to the fashioned sized "MSDs" but they are technically large enough they are SDs, standing taller than most other Fashion-sized dolls. I do not have a male yet, but I will admit the females have a horrid time finding clothing. If it is not made for Vitos I have had little luck getting them to fit. I do know there are a few people in the Vito Discussion who have found other items that work. I'm not certain what works on the Kid line, but I have heard they are easier to purchase clothing for than the Vito line. The same goes with the Sweeter, I have yet to see this line in person so I cannot comment on what will/won't work for them.
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    3. I have one of the older Souldoll kid girls and she can wear clothes made from the same patterns as Tonner fashion dolls. She can’t wear “off the rack” msd clothes most of the time, but it isn’t too tricky to find stuff in the fashion doll size range. Double check measurements if you’re unsure, just like if you were ordering clothes online for a real person.

      Shoes are another story, but at least she seems to have a fairly common foot size for BJDs in her size range. I have her on the old double jointed body, so your mileage may vary... but probably not by much. They want old and new dolls to look pretty good together, after all.