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Souldoll Soul-Double boy: I-SO

Apr 4, 2009

    1. That nose really is something... I'd love to see some blank pics!
      He reminds me of Dollshe Bermann. o.o
    2. I totally love him, Im happy the companies go for more "real" sculpts" now!
    3. I don't know....he is kind a homely looking. Not pretty boy nor really manly. No I don't find myself warming up to his sculpt. But I do agree, nice to see a company doing a more realist facial sculpt.
      - ShadowHawke -
    4. I like how he's not your typical "pretty boy" he seems just about perfect for one of my characters. I really hope he's released as a basic edition. And of course he comes on that awesome souldoll double body :drool
    5. Exactly! Maybe it is what I like about I-SO. When I saw him I immediately wanted to add him a small feather-like moustache for some "vintageish" World War I look.
      He could be Paul Bäumer of "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque.
      Unusual doll...
    6. I really like him. <3

      Maybe it's his nose, lips and profile that I love cuz I really like Souldoll's new boy. He's definitely going on my wishlist.
    7. I like him, but not enough to buy him. I think he would look really good in victorian clothes! He really looks like a gentleman.
    8. When I first saw Iso I was quite stunned~ Aesthetically he's soooo different from Souldoll's usual style [and lets admit, Souldoll can be quite spastic with style changes] but I find him rather unique. :aheartbea I without a doubt can say I love his nose best, but I have a strange love for boys with big noses~ xD I can't wait to see him around~
    9. I adore this boy- he' seems like a grown up and more serious Paris to me with that huge nose- and Paris was my first doll love. Unfortunately for my poor soul I have fallen in love with the outfit too so that I can make him the Sandman since he looks like the train conductor for the childs song <3 I very well may be doomed to get him, though that's more than both of my other SDs combined >_>;;

      I agree with most people here who likes him- he looks noble and yet common on a level, a very boy next door type of sexy. Personally he also just screams to be that right amount of wonderfully witty and positively mad.

      (and the database for him so needs to be called I'mSO sexy. >_>;;; )

      He is already a basic edition. The clothing is just optional that you have to add and the set of eyes and wigs Souldoll has always sent with their dolls. And he's in the double section so he's on the double body. n_n
    10. Silly me :doh Thanks for pointing this out.
    11. He'd make a great moody goth boy I think. He'd actually be great for a character I have in mind. I just don't have a need for a 60cm boy.
    12. Not a problem, I'd hate for you to keep waiting for a basic when he already is xD
    13. He... he's perfect. DDD:

      AAAAH. I don't know exactly who he's perfect for-- I've got more than one character coming to mind-- but I just know he's perfect for a character and I must have him.

      ...Eventually. v_v
    14. He just looks like something out of a black and white Theda Bara type film. It wasn't love at first site, but the more I look at him, the more charmed I get. And now he's on my wishlist hah! I would love to get my sandpaper on that nose though. Gah! He's love.
    15. I really like the sculpt.

      If they had made his eyes more Asian looking I would be lost! I would sell a kidney to get him!
    16. I think he fits in really well with the Souldoll "family looks", actually. If I hadn't seen him before and I was asked out of which company would I guess he was from from his pictures I would immediately blurt out Souldoll. Right off hand I could see Gisele and Hye features in him, especially the eye shape and the way the nose is set.

      I was JUST thinking, not 2 seconds before I saw the discussion thread, about Souldoll's new dolls (Queena, Phillips and now Liddell), and how I'd like to see a new boy. Good lord, Souldoll, you know exactly how to get to me.:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      I think he looks great. I have 2 Souldolls, an Apple, and waiting on a Hye, and I've never considered a boy from them yet, but I-So looks soo good. I'd like to see him when people start getting him home to see if he could look half Japanese for a character I have. Man I wish Souldoll had a frequent buyers discount. Then my life could be complete.
    17. Owning a Paris myself, I truly don't see him in Iso. ^ ^However, I do
      believe he is a gorgeous sculpt -- he has a quite profound and sinister
      air to him, which I love! Too bad I don't plan on owning anymore dolls,
      otherwise I would be adding him to my not too-long, wish-list. XD

      His outfit is amazing as well, but then again I'm a sucker for all of SoulDoll's
      masterfully created outfits (which should truly be called "artworks"). ^________^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    18. He kind of looks like how I would have modded a Hound or a Bermann. I really like his narrow face in combination with the nose and face.
    19. Really? XD Well maybe with the females I can maybe see more of their style in him, but for the boys they have made recently, I just don't see it. They either have really strong realistic Asian features like the Kanguk, LJK, Chiru or Ize, or the more typical BJD style that are less realistic than Iso like Jape-Tiger or Osu and Soo Hyun. I can still see Souldoll producing this type of doll though, but he's just a unique looking guy to me~