SoulDoll Soul-Double Discussion

Jun 15, 2010

    1. I'm surprised that there isn't a focused discussion for SoulDoll's 55CM and 60CM line of dolls. Quite a few on a specific head-sculpt dot DoA, but not one thread on the entire line as a whole.

      So, let's discuss. :)

      I'm really curious about the girls in particular, since I really want a short SD girl, and 55CM is a perfect height. Star in particular is then front-runner, but Ignis and Gisele (especially now that Gisele has been tweaked so that she isn't all lopsided :D) are very appealing to me, too.

      Also, since the girls are uncommonly short, is it a pain to find clothes for them outside of SoulDoll?
    2. So far, I've tried Violet Fern clothes on my Queena, and those work very well. I'll be happy to post pictures and more clothing findings as soon as I get a chance.
    3. I received Hye a couple of months ago and just love her. As she looks so good in a pair of Souldoll jeans that I purchased from a friend, I haven't tried anything else on her! She's a thin girl, so there are probably MSD outfits that might fit. Hopefully, I'll try something else on her soon.
    4. I have a Hye head and now I'm trying to find a body for her. I love Souldoll double body, but I hate the double-jointed knees, and sometimes I feel that the Souldoll body doesn't match with the Hye body, the head looks so big in that body!

      Am I wrong?
    5. Does anyone know which brand of clothes will fit a souldoll double girl other than souldoll itself?? The SDs clothes are too baggy and it seems the 1/4 wigs fit much better on my girl...
    6. Souldoll Souldouble girls (Hye, Queena, Phillipa, and the others) are more petite than other SD-scale girls, yes. They wear size 7-8 wigs, and they have proportionally long legs with very short and fairly slender (but quite curvy) torsos. For this reason, buying clothing for them can be very hit-and-miss.

      As a general rule, MSD-sized shirts will fit the Souldouble girl body fairly well, though the sleeves may be a bit short on their arms. MSD shirts made of stretchy materials with slightly overlong sleeves will be a perfect fit on a Souldouble girl, as will tank-tops and shirts with very short sleeves (since the sleeve length on the latter two types of shirt won't matter). Likewise, their very small waist means that they can wear many MSD-sized skirts (and even dresses), but the skirts will be shorter on the Souldouble girl than they would be on an MSD, so getting longer ones is a good idea (if it's already short on the MSD, it'll probably be indecently short on a Souldouble girl).

      Pants are trickier. Despite their relatively large butts (they've got some booty), Souldouble girls can often fit (tightly) into pants made for the larger/thicker-bodied MSD lines. However, the pants legs will be far too short. So some full-length MSD pants can be used as floods/capri pants on Souldouble girls, and they can wear some of the baggier MSD shorts (the length of the shorts doesn't really matter). However, if the MSD pants are made of material that doesn't have any stretch to it (like demin), this usually won't work, as the pants will be a bit too tight to fit over the Souldouble girl's butt. Conversely, most SD-sized girl pants will be around the right length for Souldouble girls (maybe just a tad bit long), but will be quite baggy and loose, especially around the waist and butt. Again, SD pants made of stretchy materials (like leggings) will fit best, because they're made to be tight-fitting on SD dolls, so on Souldouble girls they'll be just about right.

      I have a friend who has a Souldoll Hye, and isn't very familiar with sizing in the doll hobby. I generally tell her to go for MSD shirts, jackets, dresses, shorts, and skirts, and for SD girl pants and jeans. It seems to be working fairly well, though she does occasionally have to take in the waistband of a pair of SD pants to keep it from slipping down over her Hye's hips!
    7. I adore the boy faces. Not a fan of the old or new bodies though. The newer knee joint is an improvment, but the chest plate is weird. After obssessing over the pictures, I think its the placement of the curvature of the pec that's off. Until I can get over that (or they make ver. 3) I'm putting getting oen of the back burner. Which is tough, 'cause Morse beckons me.
    8. How about if I pop in wondering about other companies clothes for the boys? I already found out about the wig issues, but the fit is close enough and the wig was inexpensive enough that I really don't mind. However, cuz clothes usually cost more, anyone have any advice about how other companies' clothes fit on a double-boy (since actual souldoll clothing sells out far too quickly)?
    9. I found it quite hard to find things to fit my Souldoll Double Morse. SD13 shirts looked very big on him, as though a child growing into some clothes, which I didnt think added to his masculine look. Same as SD13 trousers. SD10 and maybe some larger MSD clothes (maybe something like Zaoll or Iplehouse) would fit?
      I actually found the default Morse outfit a little too tight on him as well. The jacket especially across his shoulders.
    10. I'm considering getting a Philippa head and looking elsewhere for a body. Not a fan of the way Souldoll double joints look and their general anatomy. I do like their height though at the slightly short height from 60cm so I'm looking around for a body that's 2-3cm shorter.
    11. Thats the same with me Buki, I wish they would release a general SD body for the girls, I like the height and their sculpts but I used to have an MSD double jointed Souldoll body...nightmare.
    12. To: Kiyakotari
      Thank you so much for your very informative post!! It's really helpful so now i can find clothes that will look good on her!!!
      I've saved it to word doc just in case this thread ever disappears!!
    13. The girls have been particularly short since their early dolls, but I think the SD girls are on the list as the next to get a new body, other than maybe reviving the Soul Little boy. I don't think they'll be a different size, though, since they've always kept the different body options close enough in size that their own clothes will fit whatever type you prefer.

      Other than ShinyDoll's Thaasa lines and Asleep Eidolon's Type A SD girl body, I personally don't know any companies other than SoulDoll that make mature girls, and neither of those companies sell clothing for their dolls.
    14. The new SD winter event Cloe has the option to buy with "old" or "new" type body...does anyone know what they're referring too? I posted a question on their Q/A but I wasn't sure if anyone knew off hand...
    15. I think this is something new and I can't find any comparison pics yet, as there are for the old and new male bodies and the Soul-Kid bodies. With the Kids, they removed the double joints from the knees and elbows for the new body and the measurements are slightly different.
    16. Hey gang, forgive me if someone's already answered this. If so, kindly point me to the thread or post and I'll be a happy girl. :)Anyone know what other male bodies would take a SoulDoll Double boy head well (NS)? I'm not a fan of either Double body, but if they ever sell the Morse head (and Nia's up, so it's possible) I want to be prepared. :)
    17. They posted up the pictures of the new Soul Double body. WOW! It's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the old version. No more shelfy boobies and extreme collar bones.
    18. The new body reminds me of the Zenith body. And I do like the looks of the joints a lot!
    19. I was just going to pop in and ask about the old Souldoll bodies... I just bought one secondhand, a boy body from about 2008. XD Sounds like the jointing is pretty wonky. Do any of you have suggestions on how to handle it, or pictures showing the poseability of the older body?