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Souldoll Soul-Sweet Discussion Part 1

Feb 12, 2008

    1. I have Agga and she is wonderful! She poses like no other tiny, (double joint body) stands and sits wonderfully and has the most adorable face. Size wise, she is more slender than my Yo, she wears Bambicrony sized wigs, shoes and clothes, so I haven't had any problem dressing her. I got my Agga directly from Souldoll, they were great with communication and I got my girl in about a month after ordering. My Soulkid Ahee I bought from Denver Doll and their customer service is awesome. They sent me a picture of the actual doll before I bought her, so that I knew what I was getting and mailed her out the same day payment was received. Eun Jin is currently in stock at Denver Doll.

      .....mod notes.....

      Website: http://www.souldoll.com/index.php

      DoA Wiki: http://www.denofangels.com/doawiki/index.php?title=Souldoll

      >Height : 26 cm
      >Head circumference : about 6.5 inch
      >Neck : 6.7 cm
      >Shoulder width : 7 cm
      >Chest : 13 cm
      >Waist : 12 cm
      >Hips : 14.3 cm
      >Feet length :4 cm
      >Feet width : 2 cm

      Souldoll Soul-Sweet Discussion Part 1:
    2. I actually bought Free2bme's Eun-Jin. She's delightful! I'm still getting used to her.


      With a wig (6/7 Monique)

      I wanted to move her eyes (currently 14mm I believe) but they have a dome and just didn't want to move up. Do you think she could wear 12mm or would it look funny?
    3. A little more information. I may actually be talking to myself since no one else seems to have her but just in case anyone is thinking about it. Eun-Jin seems to fit a 5/6 wig at least in the Monique line. I got her some 14mm luts glass eyes and they are a much better fit. I think the pictures above may have 16mm eyes. Or perhaps the 14mm souldoll acrylics are just quite large.

      Here are some new pics of her:



    4. I've found that Souldoll Sweets fit really well into clothes from the Ideal doll company. Sadly I am not sure which size they are. But here are two examples although I should wait to get pictures in better light.

      The pink dress fits like it was made just with her in mind.



      I got these dresses from the Twice Nice Doll Shop in San Jose while I was there for the summer. http://nicetwicedollshop.com/about.html
    5. Keep going back to the Souldoll site to see this cutie....
      Have two Littlefee's already and I totally am smitten by tinies now..:aheartbea:aheartbea



      I love the Hippie version, and it would be really sweet I think to have her face done to look like Kat von D!!
      ( She look a lot like her I think!!)

      But I still haven't pressed buy....*_**_*
      Who else has already bought one???
    6. I snapped one of these up with some of my tax refund money. Couldn't resist--I just love the body style and the head. Anyway, I got her on Friday and finally got to play around with her a bit. I didn't get the outfit for her (I ordered the Devil) but she came with a face up. I was supposed to get a wig with her, but they forgot to include it in the box so they're sending it now. I have only MSDs and tinies so I really had to scrounge to come up with a wig--the one I put on her was from one of the wig patterns out there and was *supposed* to be MSD sized but ended up being SD sized when I got done with it. Good thing, though :D

      Anyway, here she is:

      I adore her and really love the whole out-of-proportion thing going on with her. Her posing is pretty good, similar to what I've found with other Souldolls--neck movement is extremely limited and her elbows like to stay bent. But she's got pretty good balance and, other than the neck, she can do some pretty nice poses.
    7. Here ya go:

      And another:

      Second one's a bit washed out cause I had to use a flash--it was a quickie photo shoot setup. I'm actually planning on modding mine to add some boobs, I think. (None of my tinies are kids--well, the Brownie sort of is a kid, or at least acts like one.)

      If you need some better photos, I'll try to get some for you. The factory face up includes upper lashes, btw.
    8. I was wondering what size wig fits these cuties? I am tempted to get one soon, but I am having trouble to find out what wigs fit. Thanks ^-^
    9. I thought size 8/9 was the right fit but found out recently that 7/7.5 fit better--I was told Ellowyne wigs are a good size for her.
    10. So around a size 7? Do you think 6-7 will fit?
    11. I think a 6/7 might be a tad too small. And 7/8 will only fit if you don't put a silicone cap on her head. If you add the silicone cap, you need to go up a wig size. One problem with the bigger wigs is they tend to be too full and too long for the little Lappy. I took the silicone cap off mine at the Austin con and tried on a 7/8 from Jpop and it fit her perfectly--the wig was snug and the proportions were just right. She'll probably need a small piece of moleskin or something similar on the skullcap to help secure the wig, but overall it was a really good ft.
    12. Since their isn't a discussion thread, I thought I'd start one to get things rolling. :)

      Anyway, this is for SoulDoll's Soul-Sweet line of dolls, including Lappy, Pauline, Mori, and any future heads they release.

      Souldoll has been selling the heads from their previous round of these dolls (which used a more general Yo-SD body). I'm going to ask if the old heads are compatible with the Lappy body, but I don't think that they are considering they haven't made any notion to sell them as a full doll.
    13. Yeah I've been wanting a Lappy for the longest time but I'm just not sure about the heads, so this is nice to see. I do hope the other heads are compatible, I'd really love an Elin head on a lappy body >.<
    14. Here are my Agga and my Paulin.There is a big difference beetween die bodies,and Agga's neck is bigger than Paulin's,so the older heads will not match on the Lappy body.
      But the Lappy body is really great,a wonderful poser!!

    15. In response to the question I sent, Souldoll said something along the lines of other Sweet girls not being restocked for a half a month at least.

      I'm not sure if they mean that they are planning to release another new head sculpt, too, or if they mean re-release.
    16. I've just gone on a BJD-wonderland-tour, trying to figure out which doll should be my next. I've always adored the SoulKids Amy, but I'm not sure I want to go that big (ha ha! I know most people wouldn't consider them big at all) and oh, the LAPPIES. Are they just too cute, or what? So, of course, now I am all confused again.

      I don't know how long I can resist Lappy-bunny, though, I really don't.
    17. a little picture of my souldoll mori ( with a custom face up )
      i love this little head ( she fits lati yellow wigs) on the lappy body

      unfortunately souldoll will stop this mold in september

      more pictures on my flickr