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Souldoll Souloid discussion part 1

Sep 15, 2011

    1. So they have created an entirely new category for the Souloid? I wonder how or if these new items will be limited in any way or if they will simply be making a new line readily available? These look very cool, though I like a traditional sort of doll, maybe I could take a chance on one of these because this one looks awesome!
    2. HOLY COWS! I am surprised there isn't more discussion happening yet!
      I love this guy. He is perfect. I love the subtle-n-sexy torso. I love his size, just under 50cm. And that he'll fit other soulkid heads is a plus. So many options too!

      I am unclear about the feet. Going through the 4 versions being offered plus the body by itself choice...I think he has two sets of feet? But it isn't specifically listed anywhere that I can see.

      Also, even though I'm not 100% on the Iraki head, I will probably get ver. 3 because you can't beat free outfits. I do really like the orange wig better thou. sigh.

      I'm so glad he is on-topic!
    3. I swear a while ago it still said "normal feet and loid feet included" or something similar in the description of what you get. o_____o
    4. I'm super glad to see him finally released and with prices, I've been stalking his page from day one.

      I am upset that when I asked Souldoll if he'd be limited though, they said he wouldn't be. Yet, his head is completely limited to an ordering period :/. Not thrilled about that, because that's p important to me and there's no way I will be able to order during the period.

      Oh well, can't win everything on a set.
    5. Iraki is fantastic :D but I'm with everyone; I can't believe his head is going to be limited. It wouldn't be so bad if Souldoll released more optional head parts (Would love to have a Souldoll Shaun on that body!)
    6. I think they're allowing the purchase of the body with a Soul Kid head. The option not marked as a version is it I think. Can anyone confirm?
    7. It's in the page that shows off just the body. You can choose to add a head for $100~

      And on that same note, happy hybrid time GO! XD It'll be pretty easy to make a hybrid with these bodies since they're only offered in white skin. The steel skin process is really intriguing, I'm curious as to how it ages/sands and all that jazz. Guess I'll have to order to find out! :lol:
    8. If you order a full doll during the Xmas event, you can chose a free gift head, so you could still order one of the fullset versions and get a Shaun or Hunoi or whatever head to put on the doll and just have the Iraki head as an extra.
      I did ask if the fullset dolls came with both feet, since they don't show the mechanical feet anywhere but in the body shots.
    9. I wrote to them asking about the free head and they replied saying that the Souloid line is NOT included in the X-Mas event, so no free head.
    10. Wow, ow on that for no free heads! :(

    11. Boo! That's too bad. I wonder why?
      But the layaway option is good, and they did tell me that the mechanical body comes with both sets of feet.
    12. I guessed as much; on the free head part of the event info it actually lists all the doll lines that the clothing or head applies to, and souloid isn't in there, so I think it's fair to assume that if you purchase souloid then you'll get the free twin eyes and shadow colours. A pity, but meh.
    13. I hope for taller android boys in the future. * u* I can't wait to see what everyone does with him!
    14. O I did not see that; thanks for pointing that out :o I'm really debating on getting the souldroid (love that he is a mini). I hope the alternate head option is not for a limited time....
    15. I asked Souldoll if the Iraki body/other head option was limited and they replied that no, it isn't~!
    16. I'm actually happy that the heads are interchangeable with the SoulKids line. I can switch it out whenever i want to.
    17. Now I'm torn! I really like the Ver 3 outfit and wig (i've warmed up to the white wig, rather than my initial first choice of the orange) and I had convinced myself that Iraki had just the right face
      my 2nd half (read - fiance) doesn't like him ;_; He likes the Shaun head, which I also like, but then I don't get the outfit!
      I wish I had more support on my choices. I guess I'll just continue to wrestle with myself on the issue of which to buy - I've still got time to figure it out.
    18. For the Head MakeUp there is a choice of
      Special for $10 more.

      Does anyone know what "Special Makeup" means? Is it a custom makeup---Do you get to request what you want?
    19. Iraki is not in the X-mas evet because you receive free clothes as a gift... but what's about Iraki body + any other head? Do you receive any kind of gift too?