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Souldoll Special Event 2

Dec 5, 2006

    1. [1+1 Special EVENT season 2]

      ¨Í If you are buy a 1 Souldoll, we give a 1soulkids by a gift!
      * Soulkids is not assembled, is not included a wig, eyes.
      * If you want to assembling , select to [add-Souldoll+kids makeup and assembling]
      in option.

      ¨Î If you are buy a 1 Soulkids, we give a 1soulkids face by a gift!
      * Soulkids face is no face up, is not included a wig, eyes.
      * If you want to face up by add , select to [add orderdoll + gift face face up] in option.

      ¨Ï If you want to buy a doll inexpensively , select to [ UFK = UnFished Kit ] in option.

      Now ~ 2006 - 12 - 31

      < Preparatory period>
      Because this doll makes after order,
      making period is about 4 weeks from a day to confirm receipt of money .
      (weekend exception)

      Anytime, contact us if you have any question about 1+1 event.
      Take an interest in Souldoll event !
      Thank you. :)
    2. :o wow! i saw the last event on their website and i missed it! but does this really mean you buy any SD sized doll and get any MSD sized one free?! i mean can you choose which mini one you want? i was debating whether to get the luts xmas offer, but the head didnt really appeal to me as much as i had hoped... but this has changed my mind!:D
    3. You can choose which Soulkid you would get. They have a dropdown menu on the ordering pages. ^_^
      This is pretty sweet. Happy Holidays to souldoll fans!
    4. Hi,

      Does it also work when you buy a souldoll Sd size as a kit?
      I hope so!!!!I like to string my doll myself>> like that I don't have to destrung them when they arrive!!!lol...

      Thanks if you could figure it!
    5. it doesn't seem to.. I went in to order a celestyn UFK, but didn't get the choice of any of the soulkids or heads :<

      Drat drat and DOUBLE drat :<

      Seek peace

    6. Is UFK an event-only thing, or is it permanent?

      I would like to have a Souldoll boy in the future (not soon), and the UFK price sure looks MUCH cheaper *_*
    7. I posted a question about it in their q&a they haven't responded yet.