ReRelease ::SOULDOLL:: Special order+Sandy&grey order

Nov 1, 2018

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    2. drat will you be doing another order for animal body for Berial? I was also hoping the Moa and Aehael were going to be released in special colors will that be at a later date?
    3. Do you have plans for releasing Kyron and Devonia with human ears? I like them, but don't like elves. :(
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    4. Oh no. My partner and I were JUST saying how we wish we could have gotten a Kyron for one of his grey skinned characters. Might have to see about squeezing an order in.

      Out curiosity, do you plan to release these limited dolls at a later date with normal and white skins as an option? I know you said you planned on doing several different special order periods through the year.
    5. If you check the website, Moa and Aehael are re-opened for sandy and grey. Such pretty colours~ :whee:
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    6. yea I totally saw that after I posted that comment, just didn't update my comment. Thanks though
    7. Is this only one time limited chance or are you going to offer "general dolls" all in the future with sandy & grey skintones? :)

      secondly, why the general dolls are more expensive in sandy or grey than the limited dolls in same skintones? If I want your basic Swinte instead of a limited doll, I need to pay 70 usd more ? :( It's just a general zenith girl head and nothing extra.
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    8. Pictures of these resin colors?
    9. Hello?
      We don't have any plan to offer animal body for Berial. Sorry about it. Thank you.

      We need to discuss about the body with our factory.
      We will let you know again about it next week.Thank you.

      The idea is good but it is difficult to release them with human ears before the second half of next year. We hope you understand. Thank you.

      Thank you for your interest in Kyron. Unfortunately,the sale of the doll in normal & white skin will be not offered. Thank you.

      Yes! The sale page for Moa&Aehael in sandy&grey skin order are opened. Please check it. Thank you.

      Sorry for the late reply. Contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you.

      Hello? We are discussing to discontinue of general dolls being sold on site and estimated time to be sold out is first half of next year.
      In fact, it's very likely that general dolls in another special skin will be sold before they're completely sold out.
      However, we don't yet decide to re-sell general dolls in grey& sandy skin before they're completely sold out.
      Regarding this, we will notify via notice board in later. We hope you understand.
      And, we have prepared 10% DC for special limited doll order & general dolls in grey & normal skin before 2018 winter event (winter event will be opened in Dec) but the sale page of general dolls was some error.
      We are modifying the error and will do our best for solving the error.
      Sorry for the error.
      Please wait a little more.
      Thank you.
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    10. I see that all dolls are showing 10% accept moa and Aehael are these not included in the discount then?
    11. Will the Berial come with the claw hands or just human hands? Can the claw hands be requested?
    12. awesome question, curious if he'll come with the horns too?
    13. Moa&Aehael are excluded because we are offering a free head as a gift for the order. We hope you understand.

      We will contact you again if there are any changes. Thank you.

      Berial has a human hands and claw hands can't be requested. Thank you.

      The horn parts is not included. ^^:Thank you.
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    14. The dolls listed in the sandy/grey order pages are fewer than the ones shown above. Onulharu and Seo Jeong-U appear to be available in their regular section, but as regular orders or as part of the sandy/grey event?
    15. @hobbywhelmed, please forgive me if I've misunderstood your question. If you go to Onulharu and Seo Jeong-U's listings, you'll find that they have changed the skintone options for them. They're available in only Sandy Brown and Grey (no "regular" colours) for the duration of the event. And discounted until the December event starts.
    16. @eland - you know, I didn't chk the dropdown for skin color! I expected them to be clustered on the page for the event like a couple of the others were. Thanks!
    17. @hobbywhelmed Puzzled me too at first, I also expected to see them on the special order page. Glad I could help!
    18. Hello, I was wondering if you will be offering Berial-human version, Vito Jacop and Kids Joelle.d in normal skin or did I completely miss the ordering period for them?