New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: Tarot 17.STAR Charotte (with Vito girl new body)

Dec 17, 2019

    1. Hello? This is SOULDOLL.
      We are happy to let you know that Tarot 17. STAR Charotte doll has been released.
      You can purchase tarot-star ver. doll until 31st of Jan, 2020 and
      launch event is until 10th of Jan, 2020.
      We hope your big support.
      Thank you so much! :)

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    2. Hi,

      She's beautiful! Would you be willing to post a picture of the new Vito girl next to the new kid girl? Thank you so much.
    3. She is incredible! :D if you don't order the faceup, is it possible to get just the gems that go in her face? Since the resin is molded for them?
    4. Thank you for your support.
      We will post the image as soon as possible. :)
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    5. Thank you for your support.
      You need to glue the gems on the face by your self after do the makeup because coating spray is used during the makeup processing.
      So, we are going to send the gems separately with the doll if you choose no-makeup option.
      Contact us if you have any questions.
      Thank you. :)
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    6. Thank you so much.
    7. Is the Light serenity a light grey or a lavender color?
    8. We think the Light serenity color is mixed blue and lavender. :)
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    9. Hello?

      Thank you for your big support on Tarot 17.STAR Charotte-star ver. doll.

      We have been asked by many customers to make Charotte-star head without beads mold since released this doll.

      So, we have decided to make it and added the option newly in basic head option.

      You can choose one type among Star ver. head(with beads mold) type or Star ver. head(without beads mold) type.

      Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      Thank you. :)
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    10. For: Tarot 17. STAR Charotte-star ver. limited
      Can you add "Star version (without beads mold)" in extra head choice?

      Also, is it possible to only order hand painting?
      I dont want full body blushing, only the hands

      Thank you :)
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    11. Sure. It is possible.
      We will let you know the total amount if you post your request on Q&A board ( email.
      Happy New Year!
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