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Souldoll-Tarot card- 1 Magician Sydee (70cm)

Jun 20, 2009

    1. Since there is no discussion thread for this guy yet, I am starting one.
      The guy is here: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1796 and he is absolutely awesome! :D And now I'm going to proceed and drool silently over him, hoping he's not a limited!
    2. It reminds me of something Guillermo del Toro would do... and it's awesomely hot.

      :gulp: This is gonna be tough to resist o_o
    3. That is one wicked doll! Love the third eye in the palm of his hand. Did you get the same eyes?
    4. It states he's sold out in the ad. I don't remember seeing him before on the SoulDoll site.
    5. He looks a lot like Chiron in the face to me. Very interesting-they've obviously been watching Soom and realized that there was money to be made with a unified series. I'll be curious to see what a Zenith woman looks like, and whether they'll be only available as limiteds like the Soom monthlies.
    6. I totally adore that wig! I want one! <3
    7. I want one of those hands!
    8. I guess he's a 70cm like the human Chiron? Ah, too bad. I love his face!

      A lot of the companies say "sold out" on the new sale pages before the doll is priced and available.
    9. That's right. It also says coming soon under his picture if you look at the front page. :)
    10. What a fabulous hunk of man resin! I want to see how his hand works.

      I think he might be just a hair too beefy for my gang. The floof levels might be fatal to someone of his bearings XD. But, I don't know. I kind of have a nice fantasy thing going on here. Just imagine him in the lap of a Soom Zodiac girl~. Or boy for that matter. *looks expectantly at the yaoi contingent*
    11. ^ Oh, I'm sure the contingent will be up and arms over him in no time. Red nail polish is particularily damning. XD.

      I still can't get over how huge the Zeniths are. 70cm! Maybe that Zodiac girl/boy would be best sitting in his lap. He could totally squish whoever otherwise!
    12. I am loving everything about this guy -- especially the creepylicious hand -- except... the face, sadly. It's incredibly beautiful and there is absolutely nothing bad about it, but it just doesn't blend with the rest to my eye. It's too 'gentle' to me compared to the rest, which has a very dire and ominous feel about it.

      *wanders off to see how minimee heads and SG heads fit on the Chiron body -just-... because*
    13. AAAAH I love his face. It's just the sort of long, lean, gentle look I love (admittedly more for girls than guys-- he'd make a really pretty woman XD -- but I could work with it).

      ^^^ I actually think the sculpt works well with the hand in a sort of contrasty way. He looks like the kind of guy who'd be a good friend once you got to know him, but unfortunately possesses the social obstacle of having a giant eye in his left hand. Maybe he's ominous in the sort of 'deceptively powerful' way.. =/ Hm.

      Anyway, I really really hope he's not limited. Or that they release a sort of basic version later, even without the hand. >: Of course this comes up now, when I've got my eyes on another Souldoll doll....
    14. I was just thinking a frowner like Ark or some of the Unireal heads (their magicians, for instace) would get really spooky with that whole setup.

    15. I think both Chiron and Sydee are extremely SEXY!
      The eye in Sydee's palm, I think makes him even unique, creepy and more attractive
      As he's not under the Soul Limited category, I'm hoping that the Tarot card series will be released as normal versions with optional extra like Chiron.
      I'm looking fowards to see 13 Death and 15 Demon!
    16. :o Oh, I desperately hope you're right! I am absolutely in love with this boy, but if he's limited, I'm going to have to settle for (at most) just his outfit. I'm already committed to trying to get the full Soom MD set that's being released right now, and there's no way I could juggle two limited ~70cm doll sets at the same time *_*

      If SoulDoll release a full Tarot set that isn't limited, they'll be guaranteed my patronage until I've finally paid off the entire set (even if it means getting a job dedicated just to doll-purchases).

      I've been in love with Chiron for an age (and planned on saving up for him next, after this Soom set is complete), and I'm a huge Tarot (and collections in general) fan, so this is right up my alley!

      I hope his staff is included with his set - it would make a perfect prop for a few of my characters. It's a shame they don't really show us what his outfit looks like under that cape... do they usually release more photos when they change a doll from 'coming soon' to 'available', like Soom, or are these likely to be all the photos we get of him (until owner photos start showing up, obviously)?

      (I also definitely think this is 'Soom-inspired' - and I, for one, couldn't be more thrilled! Soom and SoulDoll are my two favourite companies, æsthetically speaking, so I can't wait to see what SoulDoll does with the 'thematically-linked series' concept!)
    17. Hm, I'm considering putting him on my "must have" list. But since room in my flat is strictly limited AND I still got those other two dolls listed before me AND those two dolls are a Minimee and a Volks FCS AND I don't earn enough money that I'd be able to buy them anytime soon ... Only a matter of years ... *sigh*
    18. Pretty much my thinking, too. I tried a Minimee head on the Chiron body, and while the neck hole would need modding a -little- to open it up slightly, wellllllll... it looked rather alarmingly good. The head and body are WS, and the match wasn't perfect, but it didn't make me scream with horror. (The head may just need a wash, honestly. Hard to tell.) It looked good enough, in fact, that I'm even more tempted now. *grumble*

      Edit: I'm hoping that this means we'll see some Zenith ladies in the future, if they're doing an ongoing Tarot theme.
    19. He looks really cool! I love the eye sculpted into his hand!
    20. He is amazing. His head reminds me of the Volks 1/6 Goh Guy #1 head. I adore the outfit! I wish some the Soom MDs had that much outfit occasionally. The only thing I'm not sure of is the brown wig. He seems a little too exotic for brown. His regular eyes are gorgeous, and that hand is neat. I wonder if the eye is replaceable.

      This is certainly a great example of a company getting on a popular bandwagon while still distinctly doing their own thing. There are some great inspirations to be found in the Tarot deck, to be sure. The Magician is my favorite card, but I'd also look forward to seeing the High Priestess and the Hermit.

      It seems like the outfits are limited, even if the dolls aren't? I noticed that the outfit for human Chiron isn't available anymore.