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Souldoll-Tarot card- 1 Magician Sydee; Zenith

Jun 19, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Souldoll is adding another doll to their Zenith-sized dolls.

      Here's the link:

      His name is Sydee and he's absolutely gorgeous!

      Since they've labeled him as a "Tarot Card" does anyone think that this will be a set? If so, very exciting!
    2. O_O Is he a limited, then?
    3. The Centaur that they've sold for the past few months was not a limited. It would sell out and then go back in stock for a while once they'd caught up in their orders.

      That said, it's hard to say as to whether or not it will be a limited. Certainly it may be popular and could sell out fast, but as far as I know, this is not a limited because they have a different section of the site for that.

      I'll post an update as soon as I see one. :)
    4. If it were not for the eye in the hand, I'd look more into it. Oh, what the hey, I'll still go take a look. The eye through is creepy.

      Edit: XD He doesn't have a price! Does that mean he's free? Joking! Seriously, how much is this guy?
    5. Based on what Souldoll did with Chiron, it wouldn't surprise me if they had normal hand options. Once they actually release him, it will show all of the options and he'll have a price of course, haha.

      My guess is that he'll be at least $600, since the human version of Chiron was more than that.
    6. Sydee is up for sale on the Souldoll site! His basic price is $610. He comes to $933 as shown including the hand and staff. He is not limited.

      I love him! :D
    7. Site also says he is the first in a series. *Waits for the hangman*.