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Souldoll Tarot card 18.The moon LEIRA

Apr 21, 2010

    1. I saw her too. Do you think that they will release the outfit separately?
    2. She's really lovely, and very tempting. I am wondering what she does and does not come with... mainly, if you can get the normal Zenith hands and the flat and heel feet without the bunny bits. (Or if you can get the normal Zenith hands with her at all.) It is really hard to tell. I am tempted to ask them about this.

      I guess the 'new general body' is the Zenith girl body, and the double-jointed one the original Souldoll double girl body?
    3. I'm wondering about the blushing too.

      With Celina, hands blushing was supposed to be included with the faceup but I'm not sure if it was. And even though the promo doll was blushed, there was no blushing option.
      With Kayla, hands blushing and a coat of sparkles over the entire body was included in the price of the faceup.
      Here, there is clearly a lot of blushing involved on the parts, but is that included in the price of those parts, or the faceup price, or will there be none available at all?
    4. I don't believe the new general body is the Zenith body, Zenith's knees are different. I think it's a whole new body with those knees (which I loooove), but it does seem Zenith sized.