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SoulDoll Tarot series speculation and discussion thread~

Jun 5, 2010

    1. So now that SoulDoll seems to actually be going through with the Tarot series, let's speculate/fantasize what could come out of it!!

      So far, the blue ones have came out, or about to come out

      0 - The Fool - Young boy with dog
      1 - The Magician - Young man with eye in his palm
      2 - The High Priestess - Blue high priestess
      3 - The Empress - Ice Queen

      4 - The Emperor
      5 - The Hierophant
      6 - The Lovers - green couple
      7 - The Chariot
      8 - Strength - Tanned warrior
      9 - The Hermit - Man with Old man mask
      10 - The Wheel of Fortune
      11 - Justice
      12 - The Hanged man - Gargoyle
      13 - Death
      14 - Temperance
      15 - The Devil
      16 - The Tower
      17 - The Star
      18 - The Moon - Grey Bunny
      19 - The Sun
      20 - Judgement
      21 - The World

      So many cards left! Some of them would sure to bring cliche but let's have fun speculate what is to come! :D
    2. The hanged man? This one should have a limited audience :shudder

      Not a Souldoll fan, really...but a friend mentioned them the other day. I think the old Hermit face might well be good. Buxom Bunny lady, the Moon, left me cold ...though I can see how she might appeal to someone who likes that style :cool:

      I must say it's a challenging concept for a doll line! Here's wishing them luck and inspiration. And happy hunting to all who want to buy :aheartbea
    3. It isn't what you think it is at all, I imagine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hanged_Man_%28tarot_card%29

      I wonder if they'll do a satyr style doll for The Devil -- or perhaps a version of the Chiron Centaur for The Chariot? The latter would be quite incredible!
    4. Well...blow me down. Thanks for the link, Surreality! I can see that there might be potential there after all <3
    5. I always loved that card -- for its meanings, and it is a pretty wild image. ;) I really, -really- hope its meanings aren't lost in translation somewhere though... because if they do go with the literal name, we really could get something pretty gruesome. With the unusual interpretation of The Moon and some of the others... it could go there, I suppose. (Admittedly, I like grisly and weird and monsters, but... but... yeah. If they did something that literally did look like someone who'd been hanged, that'd be epic unpleasant. :()

      They could do something perhaps monk-like for it, though, which could prove very interesting! A mystical figure with perhaps hands posed in some meditative fashion would be an utterly glorious thing. :aheartbea
    6. I'm also extremely fond of the Hanged Man, with the meanings and such. And if it's not actually, you know, a male sculpt, I'd be shocked.

      So I think the Sun will be a guy, although having Sun be a girl to somehow match Moon (maybe a fox to match the hare, a Japanese fox theme might be interesting to me somehow) would be incredibly cool. Other than that, The Moon was something of a surprise miss for me after Kayla and Celina.

      I think The Devil will be fascinating, but...what on earth are they going to do for The Tower? Now there's a card... Plus while I think Strength will be a boy, I'd love to see her be a girl...

      I wonder if we'll see any smaller sculpts upcoming, like The Fool? He's the only one so far...

    7. I bet with the tower they could do some tall, slim, imposing guy... holding lightning bolts. ;) Something like that could be incredibly neat.
    8. It is hard to tell what they'd be, since it isn't quite clear where SoulDoll draw their imagery from.
      Typically Strength feature a woman taming a lion, the key is "strength" isn't brute force but rather gentle force, but ya, because of the "Moon" mishap I have a feeling they might go for a very literal meaning.

      Which means "Death" will probably be one of the most uninteresting doll. XD
    9. I am personally really excited to see Justice. The scales and the sword would be awesome props, and going with the "Justice is blind" idea they could do a separate head with something really interesting going on with her eyes, or perhaps a helmet that has no eye holes.
    10. Somehow for my tastes, I'd like Justice to be a child, LOL! I know, real children aren't always that just, but it appeals to me. Likewise, I suspect The Lovers would be more affordable as a pair if they both weren't 70cm or something, but that's just my wallet speculating now. :)

    11. The Strength:
      You know, I am .... incredibly underwhelmed by this one.
      Strength in Tarot card meanings isn't about brute strength but rather a gentle feminine strength. So this is like ... huh.
      His face sculpt doesn't really appeal to me either... well his outfit looks good though I'll agree with that. XD
    12. Wait---I thought they were discontinuing the tarot series? Did I miss something?
    13. No, they're just discontinuing Hewer, I think his name is, the Magician. ^ ^

      So I'm also disappointed, I'd been somewhat hopeful Strength would be a girl, it is supposed to be a subtle strength. But I suspect the manly man sculpt lovers will be excited, he is a macho guy at least!

    14. Wow, I feel like Souldoll really just doesn't get it. Their interpretations of the tarot have been consistently banal, but Strength has got to be the most disappointing so far. Even if they wanted to go the warrior route, it still would have been more interesting to make the doll female. meh. It really just makes it seem like Souldoll felt like they needed a series gimmick to compete with Soom and iplehouse.
    15. They are just discontinuing Sydee, the Magician. Everyone else have been a limited edition so far but him. So.

      Ya. This one is really disappointing. I can deal with a some of the past one for not so good concepts but this one is just... hm. Ya.
    16. The style of face for Strength looks more like what I'd expect of Raurencio or Unidoll, in one of the larger sizes. The other odd note is the size of the doll for Strength. 52 cm is unusual, in my experience. The adult style and proportions wouldn't really fit with a lot of other company's stylized large-headed dolls at that approximate size. Is it intended to be a grownup in scale relative to all the kids sculpted at 48 cm, or am I just missing something about the Souldoll sizes?
    17. What a disappointment! I agree with some of you that Strength is about a feminine strength, taming the beast within, and not brute force.
      I hope I do not step on someone's toes for saying this but to me Souldoll is abusing the Tarot as much as Soom abused the Zodiac. Both companies interpretations are strange and lack imagination.
    18. I just want to see more coloured resin, and more fabulous costumes like with Kayla and Celine.
      Kayla I am lucky enough to have and she is STUNNING.. Celina I wish I had TAT
      More dolls like this please Souldoll!!!!!
    19. Aw, my Selenay waves to you, midnitestar! I adore your Kayla, as you know! ^ ^ And yes, I wanted to see some spectacular colored resin--they seem to have the opposite problem of Soom, don't you think? Soom always seem to save up their 'special' designs and fanciness for the boy SG and the girls always seem a little plain and dowdy by comparison. With Souldoll's Tarot series, they've done such nice things with the girls to date, but the boys have been, er, misses for me. Except for the Fool with his apricot skin, that was sweet.

      I'm hopeful they will do another girl, maybe by Christmas, and she'll be divine, I do love their faces, with the realistic sculpts and all, but theme-wise it's derailing a little for me.

    20. I think they were probably experimenting with their Vito line (notice how small this guy is) and I think this might be the first time that I personally have seen Souldoll's tan resin :)

      But yeah the armor...I think they were going for a bronze age spartan look but the aesthetic they chose for the armor is a totally wrong color or texture. The texture is also weird, like stucco or something? And then the helmet isn't even consistent being all smooth and polished.

      Very, very strange design choice =/