Souldoll Tarot series

Dec 23, 2019

    1. Soo Hello o3o/
      Not sure if this is the right place but
      I wanted to ask people about their opinion on the Souldoll Tarot series :O .
      Because of the recently released Souldoll Tarot doll 'The Star" I was just curious :o .

      I know they are limited and maybe also rare as I do not see them a lot :/
      (If you own a Tarot Series Doll feel free to post them I miss those Tarot card based dolls and would like to see some of them again :o )

      I know there are :
      1. The Fool (released)
      2. The Magician (released)
      3. The High Priestess (released)
      4. The Empress (released)
      5. The Emperor (released)
      6. The Hierophant (released)
      7. The Lovers (released)
      8. The Chariot (released)
      9. Strength (released ???)
      10. The Hermit (released)
      11. Wheel of Fortune (released)
      12. Justice (released)
      13. The Hanged Man (released)
      14. Death (released)
      15. Temperance (released)
      16. The Devil (released)
      17. The Tower (not released now)
      18. The Star (recently released)
      19. The Moon (not released now)
      20. The Sun (not released now)
      21. Judgment (not released now)
      Only few left!
    2. I have both incarnations of Death - Kyron and Devonia. I think they're lovely sculpts, the faceups are wonderful, and the fullset outfits are just out of this world. The series must enjoy some popularity, as they keep on releasing them!
    3. I bought Kyron near full-set from the DoA marketplace. In my experience I love Kyron dearly, but I kept seeing that many people who originally bought Kyron ended up selling him later, for various reasons. It seems his full set was also hard to deal with in certain ways (i.e. the PANTS), and I saw him pop up on the secondhand market a few times and eventually I finally had the money. It is sad that I really don't see much discussion about him or the other Tarot series dolls.

      Here is a picture of my Kyron!

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    4. The pants? What was the issue? My boy's pants went on without a hitch. :sweat
    5. I have tarot 5, The Hierophant Azrael modern version.
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    6. I plan to get the star!! I adored the Lovers, but I don’t ever see them anywhere!
    7. He looks sooo handsome *^* and that skin color ! What was wrong with the pants :O I am also curious :o.

      I know q.q the Lovers were sooo adorable.
      I have never seen a Bliss so far.
      A Bliarde yes but no Bliss.
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    8. I haven’t seen a Bliarde, or Bliss!! :0 i bet they’re gorgeous!! I hope a few people who see this thread feel encouraged to post their Tarot dolls too!!
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    9. [​IMG]
      :O My Bliarde so I just need to find a Bliss
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    10. Wow!!! :love:love He’s so absolutely gorgeous!! Look at how beautiful that resin tone is! Thank you for showing me.
    11. But I never have seen a green skin Bliss :/ so and also not the Emperor nor the Wheel of Fortune so far D:...I hope so too that people might share some pictures of the Tarot series for us to see here :O
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    12. @celga @WilliamWalker

      Two things about the full set pants gave people grief:
      1. stringing the doll required you to be able to get the elastic thru the leg, the knee nub part, and the little teeny opening of the pants at the bottom of the knee nub, and it had a tendency to be tedious or difficult

      2. the pants are so tight that the boy can't sit without the fly being unzipped! :lol:

      Restringing was a little difficult for me because I have tough yarn and not a proper stringing tool, and by the end the elastic glneeds more strength to pull - I would accidentally let go and it would should all the way back up into the thigh part again

      I don't mind the tight pants part so much though l, but I think it was this in combination with the fact that N.L. boy bodies before 2015 were not very good posers either, so tight pants made it worse
    13. Oooh...did you get the resin boot parts? I didn't like them, so my boy just goes feet first into the pants and is done - which explains a lot! He can sit down in them, though - wondering if you just got an unusually tight pair. :XD:
    14. @celga Yes, I have him on the resin boots. Maybe we are talking about different pants? The pants I'm referring to can only be worn with the resin boot parts, they don't go on human legs - like so!

      You can only put them on by restringing the doll.
    15. Glad I opted out of the boots! :lol:
    16. But to be honest the Tarot Series have great designs in outfits and clothes and accessories :O.
    17. [​IMG]

      I love the Tarot series! This is my Bliss, Stella, she's my absolute favorite doll <3 I have Celina as well and would love to get Charotte and Kayla someday.
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    18. Oh my she is sooo beautiful I just love the skin of the 2 Souldoll Lovers such a green color!
    19. I have a Bliss too. Hoping to get a White skinned some day in my life <3
    20. Thank you! It really is such a lovely vibrant color, Souldoll always makes gorgeous resin.
      I would love to see your Bliss, she looks so cute in your avatar :) It would be such a dream to have two of them, I'd like to have another in green to get a custom faceup on.