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Souldoll Tarot The Empress KAYLA

Jan 28, 2010

    1. I only wish the promo photos were a little less Photoshopped so I could see her beautiful skin better :(

      Awesome colour, though. I think the unicorn is a bit gaudy, however.
    2. I love the unicorn but I think it will be deemed off topic here.
      Kayla is really beautiful and I love the outfit, but think the head piece is a little bulky looking.
    3. I agree, the photoshopping is extreme but she's so kewl!!!!!!
      I hope DD has them both....
    4. WOW! She's....she's breathtaking!

      I love her wig....
    5. My GOD Soul Doll.
      I am still recovering from Celina, yo.
    6. I love her faceup! I don't like her costume as much as some of Souldoll's other clothing, and I find the unicorn kind of freaky, but whatever - what a gorgeous face and resin color!
    7. She's very exotic!And her wig is beautiful.
    8. The unicorn is a lot better executed than The Fool's dog, really. XD
      That crown though, I wish I have a large girl that can use it.
    9. What the...???


      Arrghh you all know me too well! :lol::lol::lol:

      Annnywayy... based on previous Souldoll wigs I'm guessing that crown might actually be part of the wig rather than part of the outfit.
      Previous amazing wigs have been this way, with all the extra actually sewn INTO the wig. Not sure whether this is the case this time or not.

      I ADORED Celina and kept trying to tell myself not to get her, then during the last couple of days started to ponder getting her after all, but by that point the outfit was gone and I HAD to have her with the outfit so I cried a little and moved on.
      I'm liking Kayla's sculpt even more though.. and PURPLE IS MY COLOUR. Arghhhh!
    10. Is it too much to ask for just one picture showing the doll in her costume full-length without all the photoshop junk? And perhaps just one more of her face, also unaltered? I sometimes feel that Souldoll and Soom are having a photoshop special effects contest.

      She looks pretty enough, but the special effects stuff is so annoying and over the top that I'd never buy her.
    11. Think she'll be available in NS?
    12. I'm guessing there will be a WS version as there has been in the past?

      Think the eyes will be included? There's no option for them, but it seems weird that they wouldn't be included as part of the fullset?

      I'm still cursing Souldoll here. Nooooo!
      I DO have a chunk of money right now saved up from selling things, but that was supposed to be going on a kind of old limited tiny that's going to be a small fortune.
      I'm guessing Kayla's going to cost about the same (for a lot more doll!)

      Speaking of, what size is she?
    13. I think she is Double size, but if she is Zenith she would be AWESOME!! I hate the photoshop pics too, it really does not show her face too good*_*
    14. She's quite lovely. Any idea if she's a double girl or a zenith girl? I loved the blue, but wasn't as keen on the face sculpt as I am on this one.
    15. Oh my goodness - I NEED this doll ! Can't wait for her release. I'm just hoping she will be a double like Celina.
      Celina is just as amazing as her photos show.
    16. I am wishing for a Zenith girl myself...though if she's Double I will be saved some torment. Hehe. ^_~

      I love her face...! And I also love the color.
      Does anyone else notice that her face and hands seem to sparkle but not the rest of her? I wonder if this is due to the afore mentioned photoshopping of doom, or if there is a sparkle finish that was only applied to these parts.
    17. She is gorgeous. I love her.:aheartbea
    18. I am pining for both versions of Chantal in the worst way, and thought the Double girls would be too small. I ordered an Ignis right before the teasers for Chantal went up, and for a short while, I regretted it, but knew I'd regret not getting her with the outfit free in the Xmas promotion even more if I decided I wanted her later. When she arrived, though, I stopped regretting it immediately and just moved on to the 'oh wow, much nicer than I thought!'. I expected her to be smallish compared to the other dolls I have, but she blends better than I anticipated. (She's supposed to be 5ft tall compared to the taller folks around, and it worked for me -- might not work for others, though.) So... torment might not be spared. ;)
    19. Based on what they did with Celina and Lev, I'd say yes. They made both in different version with different outfit in both NS and WS. Probably as regular item too.

      I thought we would have seen Chantal's "non-human version" first. I am still really curious in what they'd do to her.