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SoulDoll Tarot "The Hermit" discussion.

Jun 4, 2010

    1. http://www.souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1964

      He is awesome! :D I have long wanted a truly 'older' looking doll but never thought there would ever be one. Mature dolls are more exotic than any fantasy creatures in the BJD world. I'll almost certainly be getting him even if I have to sell somebody to do it.

      Hopefully he will sell very well and inspire more companies to take a chance with mature sculpts.

      I can't wait to see the rest!
    2. I have to say, when I first saw this doll I thought "no way- not for me!" but after looking at his pictures some, I'm really finding myself fascinated by this guy! He's actually gorgeous- I LOVE that older man face- I hope it's part of the sculpt (like an optional faceplate) rather than just face-up. I kind of think I'd love to have a man like that hanging around keeping my gang in line... plus he'd be suuuper fun to write a background story for... I need to watch this very carefully (I see a future resident of my wish-list!)
    3. Oh thank you siriusstar for making this thread! I am really excited to see this older looking doll as well. I love the wig and faceup they have with him to really emphasize it!

      With the dichotomy between the young and old version of this doll I am thinking it might be something like the Picture of Dorian Gray. A young man that is really an old man in disguise!

      I actually have looked long and hard at him and I'm still not sure if the "old" version is actually a different sculpt or just a *really* good faceup. The ridges around the nose, mouth, and brow line make me think it's in the resin, but I'm a sucker for a good faceup too.
    4. Whatever he is, he's fascinating and I can't wait to see more pictures!
    5. I had a much less sophisticated thought, when I first saw him I was like "OMG that is like Clockwork from Danny Phantom!" XD
      But that does seem to make sense since he's rather dandy ish and is a blond.

      I just love the dolls Souldoll is putting out now, and I have feeling I'll be wanting this guy soon.
    6. I personally don't love the face-ups on them- not Souldoll's best work in my opinion, but I am very curious to see more pictures of them sculpt wise. Souldoll has been doing lovely things lately. I also believe that the old face has to be resin- look at the wrinkles in the forehead.
    7. I can't wait to see this one, I do hope he does look older and more mature!! Soul Doll will be the first to make a older looking man, and if he does have a option for the older head or younger head that makes it worth while. My wishlist would definately change once I see more pics of him!
    8. Judging from the way he is presented, I suspect he'd have both old and young man head.
      Not a huge fan of the younger looking man, but he isn't too bad. The old man one however, I rather like his forehead wrinkle. :>
      But until more pictures are released we wouldn't know how it is done I guess!
    9. I really hopeing they make a basic version of the old head.
      he looks like a zenithe boy and I dooo love that body, a massivly buff oldman doll is just <3
      neeeeeeeed angry buff old dude with deadlocks oh and a dreadlock beard ^o^
    10. Argh! A really masculine old man! :aheartbea I always love old handsome man..but I never thought someone actually made the doll! I hope they release him as a basic..or I must save up for the aftermarket price. :sweat
    11. I would be very interested in the older man - it's fascinating to wonder how this doll will work, whether he will come with alternative face-ups or different heads. I hope they will post more photos soon!
    12. This. >.<
      It's just so damn refreshing to see this guy.
      Cranky buff old dudes with dreads unite!
    13. Wow, definitely interesting. Not for me, but I'm so excited to see what other people do with theirs!!
    14. Cami_Hat is right, this is really refreshing, and usually when most companies try to do very masculine men they don't achieve it in full, they always have -somehow- this "doll-bishie look". But this guy doesn't seem to disappoint for now; something tells me they're better than what they look in the picture since I think Souldoll face-ups almost never make justice to their molds.
    15. I am thoroughly intrigued. I can't tell if the Young Man and the Old Man are the same sculpt with drastically different makeup or if they're totally different sculpts? I would really love to see this out there soon!!
    16. I would only want the older man. Arrrgh I said no more dolls until the Australian dollar recovers xDDD.

      I will wait and see how he turns out. If he is must get right now, then...I will. If the old man is just a faceup though, I won't.
    17. Ooooh, if the older-man head looks as good as it does in the preview, then Ark won't be the only old dude around here! :whee: They sometimes do basic editions of the Limited Tarot dolls, right? I know they did for Celina.
    18. Liera didn't get a basic edition though, so they might be moving away from that and having their limiteds be strictly limited. It will be exciting to find out!
    19. wow love the older head mold...will have to keep watch of this one..he might make a great Wizard..
    20. Oh well, at least releasing a guy means I'm safe this time!
      I'm still holding out for some fantasy resin Soulkids girl doll with huge fabulous clothes.
      For me, it's going to be tough for them to beat Kayla but I hope they will with a smaller girl so I can bring more of my favourite size home.

      The Hermit looks interesting, but very much not my thing! Even if it was an old woman, still wouldn't be my thing!
      But I'm glad to see something new!