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Souldoll Vito - Clothes and wigs

Sep 3, 2017

    1. Hello, all! I am planning on ordering a Souldoll Vito Lester very soon. I know that this doll's size is in between MSD and SD sizes, so it is kinda tricky to by clothes for him. I am unsure where to get clothes that fit will him. And also what wigs work best with this doll. If anyone owns a Souldoll Vito and has any information, on shops or companies with clothes/shoes, I would be so grateful. I really wanna prepare for him before he get home. Thanks for the help :abow:<3:sumomo:
    2. Wig- size 6-7 works, their heads are on small side, more of MSD size.
      Clothes- etsy, souldoll and commission. They are a hard size to find.
      I have a Vito Han and he has been sitting on my shelf in a makeshift temporary kimono for a long time and I am not feeling him.
      Good luck with your Vito. They're interesting but challenging.
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    3. I have been lucky finding some SD10 shirts that usually fit pretty well although the ones with large necklines may look rather odd.

      You can also buy SD13 pants and modify the lenght and the crotch part a bit if you are skillful at sewing clothes. Some companies, like M3Studio will make special sizes for most of their pants, I have a pair of jeans from them for my Vito and are a great fit.
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    4. Clothing for Dollmore Zaoll fits pretty well. Luckily most of it is not too feminine. I've bought pants and sweatshirts from them. I've also had luck with parts of DollHearts outfits for SD13/60cm boys. You may have to hem the pants but shirts and vests fit well.

      Wigs are hit-or-miss because of the odd shape of Vito boy heads. Monique Gold wigs in size 6-7 are a good bet because the wig caps have a fair amount of stretch, but a lot depends on the style. I've got some that just won't stay on Jin's head.
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    5. I second on Zaoll clothes fitting Vito boys pretty well...or well, at least pants. I haven't tried any of my tops made specifically for my Zaoll girl on my boy as of yet. :lol: There's a couple of shops on Etsy that make clothes specifically for Zaolls, as well as Vito boys. I'd try to steer away from skinny jeans though. They WILL eventually wiggle on, but you'll likely end up popping a seam thanks to those massive thighs (and feet).

      Iplehouse's FID men tops fit Vito boys like a dream if you're up for spending that much on them. They got a decent collection of modern styles available, but most of them come as full outfit sets, so you'll end up with pants that may or may not fit. The sweatpants from the athletic set fit well since they were made to be loose, but I have another pair of tighter (and non-stretchy) cargo pants that are quite tight.

      Standard SD tops work well, but they'll usually be on the long side and will need hemming (thankfully, most shirts are pretty easy to adjust). Also, Tata's Paradise makes a couple of their stretchy MSD tops a bit on the big side that work quite well.

      For shoes...I haven't done a ton of shopping around as of yet, but these boys got some huge dang feet that fill up standard SD boy shoes. The tricky part though is getting shoes that aren't too chunky. These boys' feet are already big, but put big chunky shoes on them and they look just comical.

      Anyway, feel free to message me for more tips or links to shops. I now have three 50cm dolls from three different companies, so I'm always looking out for clothes and accessories that'll fit them. :lol:
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    6. I forgot to mention shoes, but my Vito wears Iplehouse nYID shoes. They're expensive, but I used to have a few nYID boys so the shoes were already here. They're not as chunky looking as standard SD shoes.
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    7. Hello,

      I have a question about shoes. Vito boys' feet's length are 7.5 cm and their width are 3cm.
      Crobidoll sell shoes with length : 7.4 cm and width : 3cm or length : 7 cm and width : 3 cm.
      Do you think their feet can fit these shoes ?
    8. Those would be too small. Shoes need to be a little larger than the feet. I've read that they should be a full cm larger, but I think you can make something very slightly smaller work, depending on the style of the shoe. Boots, however, need to be the full cm larger so that you can get them on and off. My boy wears Iplehouse nYID boy shoes. If they're a bit loose I can fill the space with socks. Nothing, however, can make a shoe fit if it's too small to begin with, especially if it's made with synthetic materials that have no stretch.
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    9. I'm also waiting on a Vito Lester :cheer This was a great help!
    10. Thank you very much for your answer ♥ I didn't think about the possible problem to take off the shoes and the materials =/
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    11. Thank you for all the replies on this thread!
      I got a vito as my first doll without knowing that their sizes are quiet a challenge.
      All of the comments really help me though, thank you once again :3nodding:
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    12. Hi, so firstly I am extremely new to the bjd community so if this is posted in the wrong place please forgive me and delete the post.
      I have fallen head over heels in love with with the Soul Vito Elvin doll. He is 52cm and from the research I have done I believe this a somewhat uncommon size? Again, please correct me if I am wrong. I’m not sure exactly what size he would be classed as, would he be an sd?
      I am conflicted. I love the doll and he fits a character I have perfectly but I obviously want to be able to buy him lots of different outfits for him without the stress of them not fitting. I have heard that Soul Vito dolls can be in particular hard to find shoes for. So I suppose a question I have is if I do buy him, does anyone know what clothing would fit him?
      However, buying a doll for me is such a large investment that I am not sure whether to find another, more conventional sized doll for my first one so that they will be easier to buy clothes for and I can really enjoy the whole process of dressing them.
    13. Hey! Fellow newbie here! :3nodding: I'm afraid I won't be able to answer your question about clothes; however, I do think that if you found a doll you fell in love with, you shouldn't pick another one just because they might be easier to dress, etc. Of course, a doll is indeed a huge investment, and I know a lot of aspects need to be considered when deciding whether to spend that kind of money. In the end, that was exactly what made me go for my first doll I'm currently waiting for to arrive ‒ I didn't want to spend a fortune on a doll I wasn't 100% in love with. This way, I ended up buying his head and his body from different companies, and, of course, I'm super anxious as to whether they'll be a good match, but whenever I think of him, it gives me pleasure to know that I'd still choose the exact same combination.

      Of course, this is solely my personal opinion, and we might be looking to explore wholly different things with our dolls. Whomever you end up buying, I hope they'll be everything you wish for! :)
    14. There are threads for the Souldoll Vito on the forum, so it'd be a good idea to look there to see if the clothing options are feasible for you.


      Here is a page within one of the threads that talks a lot about what fits. Iplehouse JID tops, SD jeans, 6/7 wigs. That's just from a cursory glance. I'd suggest going through the whole thread to see if there are more examples. I'd even go look up what fits Iplehouse JID boys to see if there are other tops that work for them that might work for the Vito, since the chest size seems to be the same. (though long sleeves might be a problem I imagine) I've found that putting in "what fits" in a forum search for the doll can help find threads that talk about clothes and sizing.

      There's also the BJD wiki under the Reference tab where you can look up the Souldoll Vito measurements and compare those with other companies.
    15. I have multiple SD Vitos (as well as other 50-ish cm boys) & they are a bit challenging to dress & shoe if you're looking for ready made stuff. The Vito clothes offered by SD are rare & often sell out very fast.

      I make almost all the clothes for my guys so it's not usually a problem for me but don't make shoes. If you're handy with needle & thread it may be an easier route for you.

      I also agree that, finances willing, you should buy the doll you love and not let clothes/shoes being a bit difficult hold you back. You'd likely regret not getting him later.
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