New Doll ::SOULDOLL:: Vito Girl "Freya" - Coming soon!

Mar 25, 2016

    1. Hello?
      We are happy to inform you that Vito girl will be released as soon.
      First Vito girl is Freya.
      We hope your big support.
      Thank you. :)

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    2. [​IMG]
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    3. She's gorgeous! Is she going to be limited or a regular release?
    4. Thank you for your interest in Freya.
      She is regular.:)
      Thank you!
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    5. She's so lovely, and I am so excited it's a girl in that size! Will there be future Vito girls? And what resin tones will she be in?
    6. I can't wait for her she's beautiful. Will she be a limited full set release with clothes like the kids?
    7. Thank you so much.
      The height of her is 51cm and will be updated the body image as soon.
      And, the skin color is normal skin but it is taken a lightly for the original skin color.
      Thank you. :)
    8. Thank you for your support.
      Freya is not limited ver. However, you can purchase Freya with the clothes, wig, shoes etc in each options.
      Thank you. :)
    9. Are you planning to make breast choice for this gorgeous body ?:D
      Many people prefer small breast for their dolls and your decision with adding small breast for n.l. was really great!
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    10. Hello?
      Sorry but breast type is one at present.
      We will consider to make various breast type in the future.
      Thank you. :)
    11. She is absolutely beautyful! I'm amazed!

      How soon will she be released? I can't wait to see full photos!
    12. Thank you for your support.:)
      We are expecting that we can release Freya in a few days.
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    13. Such a stunning doll and I love her nose. I really appreciate BJDs with such lifelike features. Freya is now at the top of my wish list.
      I agree with the other members on bust sizes. I too would love to see a small bust option for the doll in the future :)
    14. Hello?
      Thank you for love her nose.
      We also are very satisfied the shape and like it.
      Regarding the small bust parts, we will consider to make it positively.
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    15. We just have updated the full-image of Freya!
      You can see more various image of Freya on our site(
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    16. She is so lovely! But what about sandy brown skin for her? Will it be available?
    17. Could you take comparison photos of new Vito girl with Kid girl, Zenith girl and Vito boy?
      Also, could you say if there will be high heel parts option for her?
    18. I am interested in comparative pictures with soulkids, zenith and other sizes.

      And it will be amazing an small bust part for vito girls, with their size they are perfect for a young girl (not a child, not an adult yet)
    19. Thank you.
      You can order her in sandy brown skin. :)