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* Souldoll X-Mas Event Dolls *

Nov 3, 2010

    1. This thread is for upcoming X-Mas event from Souldoll ( Kei, Delmia, Chole, Yurr, Pin, and Mailo ) :aheartbea
    2. Is there anyone have a plan to take Key?? I'm quite interested with his head, and in this event they give 1 head for free! Wow~
      I always consider about Souldoll head size, but Key's circumference of head is 22 cm, it seems larger than the other`
    3. I'm thinking of getting Key :D! Contemplating over which boy should I get ^___^''...I set my eyes on Kagel then to Chiron and now to Key >.<......
      Somehow I think Key has a very gender look...I guess the type of face up with darker eyebrows and darker lips suits Kagel as well ^_^!
      X'mas is draining my bank account D:!....I have a couple of dolls I want as well.....:(
    4. Yeah Kei has wonderful sculpt ^^ his looks more gentle ~
      When the first time I heard his name, I thought the sculpt is Key from Shinee XDDDD
      I just wondering about how large his head will be, it wouldn't be fun if his head would look smaller comparing to my boys (SSDF & SDF)~
      Since I heard if Souldoll's head is small,
    5. I'm disappointed that Souldoll has buried these lovely dolls in fluffy clothes and photoshop :( I feel it's very difficult to determine what they really look like, and how they will appear in hand. I have been looking for a Souldoll Zenith size girl, but I can't tell if Delmia looks too sweet or if it's just her faceup. I was looking at Agnetha for a while, but after seeing owner's pictures of her she might not suit my character after all. I wish Souldoll wouldn't hide their dolls so much!
    6. I agree, I think Key has a gentle look, too. I really like him, Delmia and Yurr(not sure I want a double, though) but don't know if it's enough to want them, though it's temping with the promo. I love them with those wigs and eyes, but if they're not available with the dolls, it might give them a totally different look with something else. They seem to be wrapped in blankets of snow in those outfits, but I really love them! I wish Souldoll would sell them separately. :whitetruffle
    7. Chloe has 2 types of double jointed body - new and old, but I can't find any information about it on Souldoll site, will they update it or can I see it somewhere else?
    8. Oh wow! I didnt realize there was a new Souldouble body! That's exciting! It's probably a similar difference between the Zenith double and general bodies - smoother lines and more subtle joints. The double girl body needed a second pass, they were a little severe before!

      Hopefully we'll see photos of it soon.
    9. I had sent them a question on the Q/A about the same thing...they responded today and said that the new body info will be released Friday. So I guess we'll see tomorrow!
    10. I want to order a Pin for my Boyfriend as a christmas present~
      but I don`t know if I want to keep the OE head~ the "twinkle" head is much cuter.
    11. We are talking about Pin and Mailo HERE since they are mini sized....
    12. Kei looks like a doll that would be just drop-dead gorgeous under the skilled hands of some of the more talented faceup artists on DOA, like SDink. If you got him with a realistic faceup and just a bit of blush on his gorgeous cheeks...
    13. Yeah I agree with you Lycansea, his sculpt would look gorgeous in the right hand. What I see Kei has realistic sculpt (not animated). I really love his half closed eyes version >_<

      @Uldred: wow congrats, what a lucky boyfriend >_<
      did he loves dolls too? it's very rare
    14. They have pics up of the new souldoll girl body..looks pretty good. The body seems curvy, but more realistic than the old. Interesting thing is the new body is 2cm shorter than the old one. They were already small SD sized girls...
      * Old double jointed body
      - Height : 55 cm
      - Bust : 23 cm
      - Waist : 15 cm
      - Hip : 23 cm
      - Foot : 6.9 cm

      * New double jointed body
      - Height : 53 cm
      - Bust : 22.5 cm
      - Waist : 15.5 cm
      - Hip : 24 cm
      - Foot : 7 cm
    15. I just stumbled over Yurr today and I love his sculpt! Again though I don't know if its the faceup or the doll. Kei is a beauty too. The good news is the site says the dolls are not limited editions.
    16. First pics of just arrived Delmia (with Rosy the ball-jointed teddy).

      normal resin with custom face-up
      Squeezed into the event clothes one size down.

      I'll post pics of the custom face-up event head soon.

      Sorry for the poor composition and lighting, I don't have the time right now to set up a studio for her.
    17. She is very pretty! What are the clothes like, I'm planning on getting a Shiva during the event and I can't decide which outfit to get. Is the outfit multiple layers, or just a dress and petticoat?
    18. It's a petticoat attached to a skirt with a removable apron and an attached very pretty blouse with ruffled cuffs (not shown because it is too small to fit without removing the hands first, so I just tucked it under the petticoat, this outfit is actually made for the Double girls), and a separate frilly sleeveless top that I could only get one snap to close. The flower on the top is removable.

      It's very nice quality with natural fiber fabrics and a good texture.

      Yeah, I don't know why but on their website it just looks like a big jumble of fabric.
    19. Your Delma is very gorgeous. I love her face-up. It looks like she just came inside from the cold. Congrats on such a beautiful doll fluxNikko
    20. Oh your Delmia is so lovely >_< I love her in black wig~~
      I wonder if someone already getting Kei?? anyone?