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Souldoll Zenith boys- What clothes can they wear?

Nov 20, 2009

    1. Hi, all. Until about fifteen minutes ago, I was extremely sure that I was going to make my first doll purchase before I barreled off to class, but after some last-minute cramming to make ABSOLUTELY SURE I was making the right choices, I'm not so positive anymore. So now I come to you, oh gurus of dolldom.

      My eye was on human Chiron, hailing from the Souldoll Zenith line. That puts him at a healthy 69cm, which I don't have a problem with - I like the more mature look (a lot of them look a little young for what I had in mind), and the character he represents IS tall. When I was looking for outfits, however, it came to my attention that it seems the majority of the nice clothes out there are made for 60-something-cm dolls.

      I know I'm supposed to buy the one I love and everything, but having a lot of clothes and such to choose from is REALLY important to me. If Souldoll Zeniths can fit into 1/3 outfits by some miracle, that would be FANTABULOUS. If not, I'm going to have to go hunting again. Specifically, I'm really smitten with the Dollheart clothes. I'm also worried about shoes - I would feel awful if my new doll ended up going barefoot (with a useless pair of too-small shoes I spent $50.00 on >_<).

      Oh, and if by some chance I do decide to go with Chiron anyway, how's the quality and pose-ability of Souldoll Zeniths?

      I look forward to your advice! <3
    2. As for Dollheart outfits, I ever asked them, whether they will make 70 cm size outfits in the future or not. And they answered, that they will make it in the future, just stay watching their webbie. ^^ Still unsure when it will be happened, but Dollheart seems know lotsa people getting 70 cm size dolls and looking for their beautiful outfits. Hope it gives you a little hope. Cheers~ ^___^
    3. I usually don't buy outfits for my dolls since I sew a lot myself.
      Except for guy clothes. I just can't sew guy clothes, nor I have inspiration for it.

      So my souldoll chiron human is wearing some black pants which are SD sized ( I believe from Mimiwoo, but I am not sure since I won them at a doll lottery). They are a little bit to short, but he is wearing boots so you can't really see that. And in the waist and hips it fits him perfectly.
      And he is wearing a longsleeve from Dollmore (model stuff).

      He has big feet, so finding shoes/boots that fit can be a problem though. Mine is wearing Dollmore model doll boots.

      The quality of my guy is great and when strung well, he poses good too. So far I am really happy with my guy and I don't regret at all that I ordered him. :aheartbea
    4. Regarding the clothes issue, I managed to get my 70cm Dollshe boys into some of my 60cm Dollheart outfits. I think that it all really depends on the clothes themselves. There can be a lot of overlap in between sizes. My experience with Souldolls is that the guys have wide chests, comparative to Soom's boys. But with the current popularity of 70cm/80cm guys, I think you'll have a lot of options for clothes and that 'problem' in particular won't be as big of a problem as you think. :)
    5. Wow, thanks! All of that really helped! <3 ^___^

      With this information, I think I'm gonna go ahead and buy him. :3 I might wait a couple weeks now (Black Friday sales call to me!), but he's definitely the one!

      Thanks again for all your help! If anyone else still has anything to contribute, please don't hesitate to stick it here. ^_^ He'll be my first, after all, and I'd love to know as much about him as I can. ;D
    6. Most clothing for 70cm dolls should fit him! So look around for dollzone 70cm clothes, dollmore model clothes, dollshe clothes, and DOI clothes, all should work =3 hope I helped! When you get market place access that is the best place to find clothes! There are a ton of things for 70cm dolls there!
    7. Ooh, really? Rarrgh! I must post seven more times!

      I've looked around at the clothes that fit him, and I have found a few outfits I really liked at dollmore, especially. ^_^ I really did have my heart set on some of the dollheart stuff, but I can always get those for my future 60 cms! :3

      Off to the galleries to comment and post. XD
    8. My Souldoll Zenith (Human ver. Chiron) finally arrived today but he's buck naked and I'm completely stumped on where to buy clothes for him, what "size" to look for in the various sites/stores, and I'm not even sure what SD size he's categorized as.

      I've tried searching for answers/info but haven't had any luck. Please help me! My poor boy really needs some clothes! :?
    9. Souldoll Zenith Chiron is 70cm tall which means he is in no way any "SD" size. SD only refers to the various sizes of Volks dolls and Volks does not make a 70cm doll. ;)

      I know Dollmore has made a lot of clothing for their 70cm Model boys, Anotherspace has made some 70cm clothing, Cheerydoll has some stuff (they call it Berman/Hound size after the first 70cm boys), 4D has made some things that will fit and you can have Sadol make things in 70cm sizing. That's all I can think of off the top of my head but maybe some Chiron owners will pop in with some advice.
    10. I got my Chiron from the market place. I haven't been happier with a doll before. He is the second doll that has lasted so long in my household, after my DOT Lahoo. Believe me when I say that I had the chance to own some very impressive dolls, like Soom monthlies, SD16 girls and even a Unoa Zero. None of them was able to stay with me for more than two months.

      He can wear DOI clothes from DOD quite well, but he actually prefers the expensive clothes that Souldoll makes for their zenith boys.
      He owns a nice silk shirt for SD13 boys from Bread17, that looks great on him and a pair of SD13 boy pants. The pants are a bit short and tight, but he can still wear them.
      Some model doll clothes are also quite good. I got a tight sleeveless t-shirt from Dollmore and it looks quite sexy on him.
      TATA paradise has a nice selection of clothes for DOI boys and hounds. I got several T-shirts and a nice coat from there and everything fits like a glove.
      As for shoes, he can wear Model doll shoes from Dollmore, EID super hero shoes from Iplehouse and of course Souldoll zenith shoes.

      At the begining it was a bit challenging to dress him, but now I have no problem at all fiding outfits for him. The problem is to find the funds :lol
    11. Thanks very much. :-)
    12. Hi!! :cool: I too am looking for 70 and 69 cm male doll clothing, so this helped me very much, so thank you Ashercroix for asking this question.

      I have looked at all of the places that were listed here, and I am still looking for a certain piece of clothing that I cannot find, unfortunately.

      I want to give it for a Christmas gift, so if anyone knows where I can find more clothing, for the dolls in question, I would love more answers. Thanks All!! :abow:
    13. Hello everyone!

      I have a Chiron myself and he's wearing a black jacket as also white pants from Dollmore.
      Here's a picture of him in his outfit:


      Sorry for the bad quality. ^^;;; But I think it's okay for showing the outfit.
      The size is Glamour Model Doll Size, if someone is interested. :)

      Hope I could help with this a little bit. ^^

      Lovely Greetings Kasumi
    14. I saw that Cherrydoll and DollHeart makes some 70cm clothes and they'll actually fit, but I was wondering if Iplehouse EID clothing would fit a Souldoll Zenith, specifically a Chiron? I've been wondering about this for a while, and I'm really unsure... Does anyone have any ideas?
    15. Wow, more replies! I had forgotten all about making this topic - I'm really happy to see it helped other people, too! ^_^

      The new information was really helpful. I think I finally know what I'm going to do now, haha. I've recently made up my mind to not buy a doll until I.O.S opens up again, but Chiron will probably be my second doll, and now I know exactly what to get him! =D Thanks, guys!
    16. I've been looking for a picture of a Chiron with the white skin.
      Does he perhaps have the white skin?
    17. this thread is just what I needed! Thanks, everyone!
    18. I was looking at the EID clothes for when I get Chiron. I love a lot of the clothes that Iplehouse makes for their boys, but alas, even the "model" body on the EID boys is much beefier than the Soul Zenith dolls. I believe the EID chest alone is 6cm heftier. They'd hang super loosely on poor Chiron!
    19. I buy Angel Studio clothes for my Chiron. It perfectly fit on him. He also can wear super senior Luts shoes.
    20. I also just bought a Chiron doll, since the last time I posted here, I was looking for an outfit for my friend's Chiron doll, so it makes me happy that I am getting one and I know where to get clothes for him. :aheartbea