SOULDOLL Zenith Chiron Discussion - 70cm Centaur & Human versions

Nov 19, 2008

    1. I thought this just had to become a thread- come speculate with me!!!

      I am so excited about the possibility of a centaur- a full size one no less! I really thought that it would be Soom who came out with one for their MDD Saggitarius after the gorgeous Beryl and Sard, but then I resigned myself to the fact that this would be nigh-on impossible. Perhaps not!? This is really going to put the cat among the pigeons for me- especially if Soom come up with a cloven beast within the next week or so!

      I can't wait for some proper teaser pics so we can truly tell if he is what I think he might be...Chiron!!! A 70cm Centaur!


      Okay it's 21st December and the pics are up!!! There appears to be two versions of Chiron- the centaur version and the human one. The release date is tomorrow, the 22nd but as of yet I can't see any prices or any details as to whether he is limited or not...

      He seems to be grey skin with elfish ears as a centaur, but the human is available in grey, white or normal.

      Piccies for peeps to love:


    2. Aaargh. I just sold my Sard and Beryl to be able to afford some Dollstown bodies and now I see a 70cm Centaur. I love larger dolls. Sigh. I am dreading the pricetag though.
    3. Yes I can't even imagine what they're going to charge for this hunk or resin! wow! I wiki'd the name Chiron and found some really interesting things about this intelligent healing centaur
    4. Thank you for opening this thread Absynthe!

      So, what do you think? Will he be a two legged centaur or a real one, four legs, horse body and all?
      I'm hoping for the latter!
    5. OMG!!!!!!!! I still can't quite believe that someone is making a 70cm centaur. It would be so impractical on every level. But if they do...OMG!!!! Although it is not a picture of an actual doll, it would be foolish to show a picture of an honest-to-goodness, full blown centaur and then just give us a guy with hooves. Now, wouldn't it be funny if Soom confounded all our expectations and also brought out a centaur for Sagittarius? OMG. I'm already in heaven and we haven't even seen pics yet. Shall I say "OMG!!!!" again? I can't help myself!
    6. I'm thinking he is definately four legged. 1- The picture is a definate centaur with four legs and 2. Chiron was a centaur.

      What if Soom do the same thing??? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez this is going to be so interesting!!!
    7. If both soom and souldoll releases centaurs I will have to sell my children, LOL. ;)
      I wonder when pictures will be up?
    8. This is so exciting! I wouldn't be interested in a male centaur, so I wonder how easy it would be to mod the doll and use a female torso...?
    9. You and me both, Skywalker_Mizuki. But, ah, it would be worth it. At least this one doesn't appear to be limited so we can wait to see what Soom do for Sag before coughing up (and we will cough up, whatever the price).
    10. Hahahah! hilarious.

      Well consider this: how screwed will we be if Souldoll have a male centaur and Soom have a female!!!!!
    11. No, I'd be safe Abs. I only want a strapping male centaur, pretty please. Not too much to ask for, is it?

      EDIT: Right, I'm going to post some questions on the Q&A board. I HAVE TO KNOW!
    12. hahah lol!!! Yes we must know!!! Perhaps the release date will coincide with saggitarius...anyone good with the zodiac and know when that is?

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let him be as muscular as that picture-- like IP Akando muscular...oh God...oh god...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze... with elf ears, and a goatie, and maybe even little fangs (even though horses don't have!) or and a real tail with hair that I can comb *cries* oh god. I don't care what he costs...he MUST be mine!!! lol!!!
    13. Oh jeez! A centaur with Akando-type muscles *spontaneously combusts*
    14. I do hope it will be on regular sale! It'd be a shame if he was limited. D: So many have waited for this!

      When will he be out, does anyone know?
    15. Oh, yes! That would be wonderful, really very wonderful.. Mmm... Muscles.. :love

      I hope his ('cause I'm hoping for a male) head isn't too femmy.. That would kind of spoil the fun for me.
    16. EEEeeeeppp.... Well, they beat soom to the punch on Sagittarius... Chiron specifically (in mythology) is the centaur in the constellation... And I'm a Sagittarius!

      I knew I would be doomed and have no money when a company finally came out with a centaur BJD....

      EDIT: I'm so glad you asked them, I need to know all his info too!!!
    17. No one knows anything yet hun, except for the imge of a centaur on their 70cm page and the name Chiron :)

      Yeah he needs to be all man :D

      It doesn't look as though he's going to be limited so you might be okay :D
    18. ...*whimpers*
      This is not going to end well for my bank account. Resin match, anyone? *sigh* More research.
    19. For anyone worrying about the face sculpt, I can tell you that Souldoll normal skin is a pretty good match for Luts normal skin. I think that 08 man head would look very good on a centaur body...
    20. OMG! I really will be screwed, no dough for a SOOM limited, I might be able to scrape it together for a Souldoll on general release though!