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SoulDoll Zenith Discussion ~ Part II

Nov 12, 2014

    1. #1 St. James, Nov 12, 2014
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    2. lol St. James... this thread would have lasted the rest of the year at the pace we move lol... Anywho... me first! An old pic but with BOTH my zeniths!

      Chiron (centaur) and Marauder (Kagel)

      P1000779 by DoA Lady Tiku, on Flickr
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    3. Lady Tiku, your boys look wonderful.
      I can finally participate in this thread, I think! I ordered a Karin head during last month's head sale. :D I've been poking around looking at owner photos here for a while but I wasn't in a position to buy a whole doll. When the head sale was announced I still waffled for a while, but I caved by the end of the month. I already have a body I really like, so I'm hoping she'll work on a shorter frame.
    4. TY I also have a grey human head (Chiron blank)... but until I can figure out how to pry the chest peice off that torso I'm stuck not being able to do the human Chiron... I think the glue used to sued him softened and then just stuck it together... but I really need to find help for that project before attempting it... (maybe heat will loosen it)... but I'm not even sure how to unstring that beast with those two parts fused.... >< and you can't get grey skin or I'd even consider a split.

      I hope your hybrid works... what body do you have?
    5. Maybe stick him in the freezer? That will loosen the glue and let you pop the two pieces apart.

      I'm buying the Karin head as a potential replacement for the Feeple70 Ashley head that I modified and put on a ShinyDoll body. I suspect the resin match will be terrible, since SoulDoll white is pretty pinky and the body has yellowed a lot over the years, but I really would like a more realistic face for my girl and the ShinyDoll engineering is unbeatable even after all these years. She's one of the last of my dolls to get reshelled in a more contemporary sculpt, so she looks like a huge-eyed alien next to everyone else. It's tough because I still really like the Feeple sculpt, just not with the rest of my dolls. Invariably, though, I end up being so happy with the new version that I get over missing the old version most of the time.
    6. I don't own a Souldoll sculpt but the new Zenith girl Justitia has some wicked armour :D
    7. I love Justitia, she is absolutely astonishing and with the armor set is PERFECT
      I think that I need one in my family , I was waiting since long time ago for a doll like her :love
    8. I just about fainted when i saw Justitia xD
      Crazy though her armor alone w/ no painting is 580.00 @.@;
    9. And 300$ more if you want the armor painted , the price is too expensive , but I dont remember since Domuya dolls "Dirge of Glory" a doll like this , maybe Bianca Cyborg version by Iplehouse , but I think that doll was a different concept
    10. Wow I just saw Justitia. She is awesome but the price ....

      I didn't realise they split the armour off separately. For $855 that's not too bad but with the extra $580 with no painting for the armour.

      I guess she'll just be one of those dolls I'll have to admire from afar

      I did just notice though that if I were to buy her that I could get 15% off which would make it a bit better. Maybe without the wig and faceup she would be a bit more affordable.

      She would go so great with my assassins. I will just have to see if I can raise any funds in the next 2 months. I've got a baby coming so I need to be sensible now.
    11. The armor is as complex to cast and paint as a small doll would be, so the price doesn't surprise me at all. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I first saw her, because she is insanely complex. Anyone willing to tackle that kind of challenge certainly deserves to be paid accordingly!
    12. I love her sculpt so much! I kind of need her in my life. I'd just get her blank without the armor though. I have other ideas for the character.
    13. I didn't realise that the armour was sold separately. I was wondering why she was so cheap at $600 blank and there was no option for armour painting. All makes sense now! It's so stunning though, and definitely worth the price for the amount of work that's gone into it.
    14. so I finally looked... ya that's an impressive armor set O_o... too bad I can't stand the boobs on these girls ><...

      That being said.... I want the 'gift' clothes'!!! >< well the zenith boy set at least... and that won't be happening -_-. Dumb question... can 'gift stuff' be offered on splits? I don't think I've ever seen any... but I only really have a clue about IH and they don't do much in that vein.
    15. Well Justitia is bringing me back to the doll hobby after over a year of inactivity! I was just telling my SO this week about how I'd love an SD doll with a full set of armor, what a coincidence!
      Her price is something to behold, but I feel like it's completely justified. I'm going to try to order her full set minus painting *_*
    16. I doubt I'll be ordering Justitia based on her price (Even if she is very complex!) but that 15% discount DOES help a lot! I did the math and it does make it a lot more reasonable! I really want those wings....that's for sure. Ugh, Souldoll.......Always drawing me back!
    17. I think she's the most gorgeous full set doll by this company ever and totally worth the price... Can't get this kind of armors from everywhere and especially her armored boots look so beautiful. Also glad to see her face isn't the cutest cutegirl but not a grumpy one either. And they haven't photoshopped her images so insanely *happy sigh*
    18. Oh no, Souldoll what did you do? I have a HUGE weakness for armours and those are just gorgeous. The paint job too! I haven't seen resin painted metallic like that with realistic shades and scratches since Domuya did it. My only issue is that Souldoll makes the parts in white, so when the paint chips, it'll look horrible -it's already chipping in her wrist ball in the promo photos. (What do you mean I've been studing those photos too closely?) I really really really wish they made the parts in black resin like Withdoll, but I guess you can't have everything. That set is still gorgeously sculpted and in my opinion, completely worth the price. I can just imagine how much effort it took to sculpt that and how long takes to paint that whole thing. x_o I really like Justitia's outfit too, it's definitely something I could see my dolls wearing. The only thing I don't love is Justitia's face itself, but with nicer face up she could look better. The sculpt isn't bad, just a bit bland to me, because Souldoll usually has more personality in their faces. I do appreciate that they sell the armour separately, so basically you can buy any Zenith girl and put it on her instead.
    19. I go to save money these months in order to add this beauty in mi family , I think that the Souldoll layaway can help me in this task ;)

      I really love her , and Souldoll have made a great job with the armor, I am agree that the price is according to the level of the doll , but I will order a blank armor because my character will be a goddess and she will need a gold armor :D
    20. Naraja, I have to agree the price is high (but worth it) and I will need layaway too, if I even have the deposit after Christmas gift shopping. I think the armor would look amazing in Gold! I was thinking of doing something aged with a verdigris patina. I hope Santa gives me dolly money this year.