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souldoll zenith girl Agnetha Discussion

Sep 18, 2010

    1. here is a thread to discuss about the new souldoll big girl called Agnetha


      souldoll link
    2. I like her. She reminds me of Olivia Hussey (whom Elfdoll Emma is based on).
    3. She's very pretty, I think. Looks to be white resin? She looks more pale than my girl... very nice work from SD.
    4. I like her a lot and plan to buy her when I am done with my current layaway ^_^
    5. I absolutely love her! She looks like a sad ghost. I really like her official outfit, too; it's very understated, not over-the-top or frilly.
      I'm relieved she's not limited--I think I'd like to get her someday. The Zenith body is so incredibly beautiful, too.

      Anyone else think that these official photos are particularly nice? Kind of arty.
    6. I totally agree with you. Arty doll and photos. I always go for big-eyed girls so I am surprised I love her so much!. I don't know why but she really speaks to me. (I am a sucker for white skin). She looks like a friend of mine who was a well known model in the 80s when the waif look was so big. Maybe that is why I feel like I know her face?
      I think I would like her lower lip painted a little fuller for even a more pouty look. What do you guys think?
    7. She has such a lovely sort of melancholy about her -- I really like this girl. She's very soulful. (And that outfit, oh, Souldoll... you keep making these artsy clothes and if I wasn't broke I'd have to have that one, WOW.)

      Why can't my wish list get shorter? Jeez. There are already a number of Souldoll girls on it, and now there's going to be one more!
    8. I like her sweet but sad look. But for a zenith, I expected her to be much taller, she's being dwarfed by the male equivalent. ^^"
    9. Whoa!! Supia Rosy?? Or is that just me??
    10. Definitely not alone in thinking that! ;) I think she kind of looks like a more melancholy sister to Rosy.
    11. I love her a lot!!!! She has an expression of a girl who hard to talk with but popular among guys ^^
    12. She's very, VERY reminiscent of Souldoll Hye. I like her. Too bad they don't sell dolls in tan skin anymore. I'd jump on her head in tan, as a gift for one of my buddies.

    13. I agree with you!!!
    14. something of supia rosy but a lot of differences ( like closed mouth for agnetha)
    15. This doll has a melancholy and a sweetness in her face that I like a lot!
    16. She could also be a sister to Soom Beryl. This face shape, more serious and mature type sculpt really seems to be getting more popular. I didn't like them at first but now they have become my faves. They are so much more photogenic then the big-eyed dolly faces.
    17. oooh she looks pretty!
    18. My boyfriend thinks she looks Eurasian, which his gorgeous adopted sister is. I see it a little in the eye shape, does anyone else think so? She is so pretty I just keep coming back to look at her pics.
    19. She looks Eurasian to me, too, and with the right faceup could just be Asian. I see the resemblance to Hye--maybe sculpted by the same artist? She also looks a bit like an actress named Q'orianka Kilcher, who's Mayan and Swiss (she played Pocahontas in that movie The New World that came out about five years ago).